Medina: Q&A with Brian Shaw

Medina: Q&A with Brian Shaw

Postby JSM on Fri Mar 15, 2013 7:10 am

It's a good read, he talks about coaching and references his time with the Lakers a decent bit. Here''s his excerpts about Kobe:

Mark Medina of the LA Daily News wrote:What have you made of Kobe’s season thus far?

I think he’s had to wear a lot of different hats. There’s times when he had to facilitate for the betterment of the team. There’s times he’s needed to be aggressive and really score the ball. Obviously take on the defensive responsibilities of whoever the top perimeter player is. The tough part about the leader is sometimes you have to get on your guys and push buttons when you know they have it in them and it’s not coming out for whatever reason. They’ve had to deal with different injuries and coaching changes and the pressure of being in L.A. and the expectation that comes with that. There’s the other team across the other side of the locker room is a force to be reckoned with this year as well. He’s had to wear a lot of different hats. He’s doing what he does. That’s how he’s built. That’s how he’s made. It’s no surprise to me the team is coming around. The talent that they are, he’s leading the charge and playing the way he’s able to play.

I used to as a teammate because he got me in my latter years, I used to tell him you’re going to slow down one day too. It’s just amazing that he’s still going as strong as he’s going. That’s a testament to his work ethic, takes care of his body and with weights and icing down after games and all the things that he does to keep himself out there on the floor.

When did you think Father time would catch up to him?

Usually when it happens, it happens quickly. You go from this level and it’s a big dropoff. He’s 34 years old and some people may say he’s still pretty young. He’s not 40. But 17 years is 17 years. I don’t care if you came into the league at 17 years old, that’s still 17 years of wear and tear on your body. The fact that from the beginning he was so dedicated to the weights, discipline that it takes to stretch and ice. Those are boring and monotonous things that a lot of players just skip.

They just jump right into it. But it’s just like brushing your teeth or putting your clothes on every day. It’s part of who he is. I can’t help but believe that’s why he’s had not only the longevity, but still being able to do it as such a high level. You see the guys on the Knicks. They have some guys who are getting up there in age that aren’t playing the amount of minutes that he’s playing. They’re missing games. They’re not playing at the same level he’s playing. But he’s a special individual. If anybody was going to do that, it was going to be him.
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