New 03'-04' Laker Roster and stats:

New 03'-04' Laker Roster and stats:

Postby OG on Sat Jun 14, 2003 4:33 pm

PF: Juwan Howard 10 ppg / 10 rpg / 3 apg / 1.5spg / 2bpg

SF: Rick Fox 6 ppg / 5 rpg / 4 apg / 1 spg / 1 bpg

C: Shaq O'Neil 31 ppg / 15 rpg / 6 apg / 2 spg / 4 bpg

PG: Gary Payton 15 ppg / 4 rpg / 8 apg / 2 spg / 0 bpg

SG: Kobe Bryant 27 ppg / 7 rpg / 7 apg / 4 spg / 2 bpg

i can predict the future and thats how its gonna look!
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Postby LARolePlayer on Sat Jun 14, 2003 6:13 pm

I like it!!! :bow: What's your team off the bench?Who is our back up PF?


Postby Snakell Beast on Sat Jun 14, 2003 11:01 pm

In this scenario, I don't know how we can afford BOTH Juwan and Gary...but if I had a say with this starting unit, my main bench players would be D-Fish, Devean, Slava and Rush...
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Postby crucifido on Sun Jun 15, 2003 1:53 am

I'll bet ya that OG is right on the money - this WILL be the starters next year (except I do believe Devan will be the starter at the SF instead of Rick, at least for the beginning of the season).

Fish could potentially grab a 6th man award given the style of PG ball he plays.

PF will be played by committee as normal (Horry, Madsen, Medvedenko, maybe draft a pick). If the Lakers could pick up a Sean Rooks or someone of that level to round this out at the center position, it'll be a banner year (literally) for the purple and gold.
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Postby Kobe_One_Kenobi_8 on Sun Jun 15, 2003 11:23 am

This will look realistic if just one of those guys, meaning Juwan or Gary, becomes unselfish and accepts the LLE. If it happens, then this will be the lineup. Agree, on crucifido's take on Devean starting instead of Foxy!!!
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Postby Snakell Beast on Mon Jun 16, 2003 1:59 am

No...We already told Devean to prepare to start this season, Rick is too worn out to be the starter and we need to save his energy and defense for the playoffs...Besides, if we can get Posey or Griffin for the LLE, we can let Rick take the year off to prepare for the post season play so we can use Devean, Posey or Griffin as kobe's sub in the playoffs and dramatically improve our mid roster rotation...
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