Payton & Malone according to credible sources


Postby LakersFan2003 on Thu Jul 10, 2003 6:08 pm

matman2k3 wrote:I never said malone sucks or wouldn't bring anything to the lakers.

I said I don't like him.

Basically I look at it this way, malone is giving up. All he wants is a championship so he is willing to take little money to go to the lakers - an all star team. That is cool because he is forgoing money to play the game - making him someone who wants to play and win, rather than someone who wants fame and fortune.

For someone to say I must not like the lakers because I don't like someone they sign is ridiculous. I don't have to like every player on the team to be a good fan.

If I do have to like every player then I'm not a laker fan. I'll just start rooting for some other team.

You sure you didn't say anything? Scroll up, here's what you said:

I don't plan on waiting until Malone takes 40 seconds to shoot and miss a free throw at the end of the game to lose it for the lakers

So, obviously this is the feeling you have about Malone. That, he takes a long time to shoot, can't make free throws, and loses games. Sounds like you think he isn't going to bring much to L.A. To me, a Laker fan supports what is best for the franchise. Maybe he doesn't like a player or two, but ultimately, we say, it's best for the team and that decision will help us win a championship. So while you might not like Karl Malone as a person (and this is a basketball forum, not "Rate his Personality" forum), he is an excellent basketball player coming for an absolutely unbelievable price. Quit your whining. Get ready to celebrate because with Malone and Payton, we will win the championship next year. Guaranteed.


Postby zetaw00d on Thu Jul 10, 2003 6:31 pm

I dont really like malone either but if he can really help the lakers then im all for it, but if he fu@ks up the Lakers then boot his @ss!!!!
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Postby Guest on Thu Jul 10, 2003 9:06 pm

malone is a cheater and a whiner



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