Pete Newell on the new Lakers Look

Pete Newell on the new Lakers Look

Postby Lakers Dynasty 2000 on Sun Jul 20, 2003 6:46 pm

"I think that if Payton can take the role like Magic did, making these other three guys better, being able to get the ball into Shaq, being able to play the two-man game like (John) Stockton did with Karl...

Malone brings to the Lakers something that they lack — the ability to hit an open shot 18 feet out. He can give them an inside presence which they don’t have.

I think they’ll have bench strengths. I’m a big (Luke) Walton fan. I think he’s kind of an old-time player. He does a lot of things, he understands the game and he makes other players better. I think he’s going to be perfect for this whole situation. He’s the kind of a guy that makes the engine go. He oils lot of different parts.

If Payton can see the big picture, which I’m not sure he can, and doesn’t try to become the fourth scorer, and if Kobe ever gets out of this — he looks like he’s in a jam, doesn’t he? — I think they’re going to be real hard to beat for a lot of reasons." ... 1sport.htm
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Postby ZenMaster on Mon Jul 21, 2003 6:43 am

Good article, sounds like this guy knows his stuff. Hope he's right about the bench too...Come on P.J., give the rooks some PT so they can show ya what they've got! :jam2:

Also like what he says about Shaq being the ONLY true center left...if he comes back slim and trim and hungry for a title...LOOK OUT NBA.

Anybody heard any rumours about if we are signing another big man or not up front (besides Eric Chenowith, I mean) to help out Shaq and Karl? Also if GP and Kobe miss any games this upcoming season b/c of their legal troubles, will we be signing another guard? If anyone has the 411 on this feel free to post it...

PEACE and GO LAKERS 2003-2004 :jam2:
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