prediction for this season's seedings

prediction for this season's seedings

Postby OG on Tue Jul 29, 2003 5:12 pm

1: Lakers - 63-19 (i do not see this new Lakers team expending so much energy on getting a 70 win regular season, 1st seed is all thats needed)

2: Spurs - 61-21 (the spurs are not that much improved over last year, but they are great enough to contend for 2nd best)

3: T-wolves - 58-24 (i think the Wolves will surprise everyone next year)

4: Kings - 57-25 (the kings will be missing webber for atleast the first 2-4 weeks of the regular season and the poor guy can never stay healthy)

5: Dallas - 55-27 (assuming the Mavs dont get suddenly better, they will lose alot more games to the top 4 or 5 teams in the west because they are extreemly oversized now, but they can still demolish the east and handel up on the lower seeds in the west)

6: Phenix - 50-32 ( this team is a future champion, nuff said)

7: Houstin - 48-34 ( Yao will be alot better in the upcoming season and they could possibly make 6th seed, but unless Yao gets physical with these giants in the west, blown oppurtunites to move up will be seen)

8: Warriors - 44-38 ( the warriors or sonics will most likley hold this seed but i chose the warriors because of overall style, LA looks ancient compared to this group of flying young guns)
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