Putting the "D" Back in D'Antoni: Mike's Struggles to Adapt_

Re: Putting the "D" Back in D'Antoni: Mike's Struggles to Adapt_

Postby phoenixrisingla on Fri Jan 11, 2013 12:43 pm

JGC wrote:^ Don't agree. If that were true, then the starters would be able to play good defense when on the floor together to start games, but they're not.

It cant all go on the coach, but players dont operate in a vacuum. Leadership/direction at the top has been weak and it trickles down.

But I will agree that part of the problem is Kobe/Dwight cant figure out a way to band the players together and begin operating as a team DESPITE problems at the top.

Its a mess.
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Re: Putting the "D" Back in D'Antoni: Mike's Struggles to Adapt_

Postby Finwë on Fri Jan 11, 2013 12:50 pm

JGC wrote:^ Yeah agree with your chemistry comments. I mean even though we've put up points, our chemistry on the offensive end doesn't look very good either and so I've attributed the points to have talented individual offensive players rather than the result of solid team play. If that makes sense.

What's interesting is that we have some talented individual defenders also who, in moments, make some good individual defensive plays (namely, D12 and MWP). Where we REALLY, REALLY, fail is in help defense I mean we're atrocious there and that all goes back to chemistry and being in sync.

Yeah. Well defense is much more of a team game than offense. We had Kobe at PG for stretches but still found ways to put up points in bunches, because like you said we have many talented players.
On D the individual defensive talent of our players won't matter if they don't figure out how to play it together, to communicate and make the right reads.
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