Recap of Second Part of PJ interview with Salley

Recap of Second Part of PJ interview with Salley

Postby Lakers Dynasty 2000 on Thu Jun 05, 2003 9:25 pm

Recap Credit: LaLakeshow

- Lakers need to get back to playing tough defense

- Lakers need to move the ball better offensively, especially Shaq. Said he's challenging Shaq to get back to that aggressive offensive style in which he's swinging the ball quicker.

- Said Shaq had some games where he needed to be pushed and that's PJ's job. One game was the Bulls game. Shaq meet Curry's family before the game and said he didn't want to be too physical with him. But after scoring 20 in the first half, he realized the young fella came out aggressive and took advantage of him. PJ told Shaq all he had to do was put one elbow in him during the first mins of the game and he would have been a non-factor.

- On the possible addition of Malone, Pippen, or GP:
Doubts pip can play 82 but said he is good for probably 60 in which Salley responded that didn't stop you from picking up Ho Grant.

- Said Malone would help with rebound but said it would be funny with him trying to break Kareem's record in LA. He's open to it but said it depends on Malone's view of the record.

- Said he heard how GP is a bad practice player but loves him game and would be a great addition to the Lakers.

- Said coaching is funny in that it's like being a preacher. After 4 or 5 years, your message can get stale and that's why you see so many changes.

- Wants to win another one to get 10 and break Red's record.

- Would like to stay in La when he's done coaching and has talked to Buss lately about that.

- Speaking of Buss, he is motivated not by next years title but in getting more than Boston.
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Postby Snakell Beast on Fri Jun 06, 2003 11:59 am

Hey, maybe Phil wants to be the GM after he retires from coaching? That would be pretty awesome...(no disrespect to Kupchak but) Phil is much more of an astute judge of talent and if he isn't recruiting for the triangle, he will want to bring in all around guys...
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Postby #1_Kobe_fan on Fri Jun 06, 2003 12:39 pm

yea... nice idea... Phil should definitely be our GM when he retires. I never thought of that cause I always saw him coaching forever but being GM would be real nice.
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