Am I the only one that was dissapointed with the draft?

Am I the only one that was dissapointed with the draft?

Postby Dejaman on Wed Jul 02, 2003 1:43 pm

Now I know that we had late picks but when I watched the Lakers playoff run end early I was angry :mad1: , but at the same time I was optimistic about the upcoming season. The Laker's need a freak'n makeover. We need strong, athletic, bruisers, who are not gonna let these pusses drive the lane and score countless lay-ups. We need some young players with that old school I'll F$%k you up mentality. We need players with that Xavier McDaniel, Bill Laimbeer, Ron Artest, Charles Oakley, take no shyt attitude. Instead of drafting a couple of roughnecks we drafted a couple of marshmellows. And we still have fans that wanna sign guys like J/Howard, SPippen. What the F$%k for? We need a third scoring option but not from the 4 spot. And pip is a weanie let chicago have him.
Basically what I'm saying is.........................................................
Let's put some thorough players in the purple and gold and leave the weanies out of the picture.

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Postby LakersGyrl2003 on Wed Jul 02, 2003 1:47 pm

So who do u have in mind?? We obviously don't have much of a choice with the FA market, so what about a sign and trade? Who do we have that's some trade bait? What about Malone? Sure he's old, but he has that "take no bullish" attitude. We need a 3rd scorer, and it does prolly have to come from that 4th spot. We need someone with body strength, and the desire to get the job done. We need a rebounder, and someone who can score. These are all the questions we already know, but we dont have an answer yet within the budget...

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Postby KC Railer/Illini/Laker on Wed Jul 02, 2003 2:02 pm

You obviously never have watched Brian Cook play a single game this year. No he probably isn't going to start, and not a huge banger, but he is far from a marshmellow. We have this guy in the middle named Shaq, heard of him? How many bangers do you want? The Big Ten is one of the most physical conferences in the country, and Brian was the hands down MVP. You certainly didn't see the Michigan, Wisconsin or many other game this year when Brian carried the team in very physical games. And Bill self is on record saying he told Brian to back off hitting the boards this year (even though he averaged almost 8 a game) and not to try to block as many shots to avoid foul trouble considering how important it was for Brian to be in the game.
Brian has unfairly been labled soft since his freshman year. I think sometimes guys get that when they are almost 7 foot and can shoot 3's, run the court and pass like a mother. Illinois has been known as big time banger in the last couple of years (just ask Arizona, Kansas twice, Mich.St. among others) and been loaded with huge guys, so Brian wasn't needed to bang. He will be a VERY good player and LA is unbelievably lucky he slipped to 24.
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Postby Lakers4Ever on Wed Jul 02, 2003 2:39 pm

Umm ok?? What planet are you from and what games have you been paying attention to? Sorry to say, no offense, but you need to do a lil research on who we just drafted. I give the lakers an "A" grade for who they chose. They couldn't have done better for that far back a draft #.
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Postby JSM on Wed Jul 02, 2003 2:57 pm

Everyone though the Lakers did excellent in this draft, given what positions they had in the draft. They were given an A by every basketball site I have been to. They got 2 players who gave them what they wanted in the draft. They addressed a need in the PF and SF position, since Fox was injured and we knew we would be losing some of our PFs. I think this was one of our best drafts in awhile.
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Postby Kobe_One_Kenobi_8 on Wed Jul 02, 2003 8:39 pm

I reviewed how the draft went, and from the players that was taken before and after our 24th and 32nd pick, I'm satisfied that the players we got. We got bigger and more talented with both our picks. To me as long as we added athleticism and a better all-around game into the mix, then I'm satisfied.
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