So what about the losses, it dont matter

So what about the losses, it dont matter

Postby OG on Fri Apr 25, 2003 2:47 pm

Oh well if we lost those games. I think it's funny they think they will win. I think it makes for a much better series win for the lakers. the timberwolves have never won a single series and are very enexperienced so they jump the gun and now they think they are realy gonna win. although its fun to watch them jump in joy as they take a 2-1 lead, it just reminds me of when sacramento jumped the gun right before we ripped their harts out.....which is gonna be the real fun part.

i dont know, shaq looked very disinterested in the last 2 games but he just got called out by the (shooting his mouth off) timberwolve's head coach who said the key to beating the lakers is containing Shaq. somthing he must be foaming at the mouth about. foaming at the mouth ready to go back out their on sunday with his A game. bringing a focused and mad Shaquille O'neil aolng with him.

this is why i dont care:

We will not lose to the timeberwolves....end of story. their are 14 other playoff teams that are very shocked themselves. but none agree with the notion that the lakers would actualy lose.

we only rise to the acassion and usualy nothing more. we will end up doing what we set out to do, but usualy the hard way. so i have all the faith in the world for my lakers.

even if we do get knocked out of the playoffs at any point (just not the Finals i would hope) it would not be the end of our dynasty. it would become a DOH (Dynasty On Hold) as we reload around Shaquille and Kobe in the off season. The lure of a Championship for aging players such as Karl Malone or Jason kidd who still have let to get one, would likly be drown to LA. Shaq has sent feelers Karl Malone's way to "come get a ring". then of course you have an almost forgone conclusion in Scottie Pippen to come join next year. Then it would be off to another 3 peat and a chance at 4....Kinda like Chicago Bulls. Their Dynasty never ended after a Run, it just kinda got put on hold. Another example is the Lakers of the 80's. they won 5 titles but not all in succession. they were still a dynasty.

Bottum line is that if we see a motivated shaq in game 4, which we better, then its all good. it means he responded. if not, then oh well. we become a dynasty on hold.
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Postby Guest on Fri Apr 25, 2003 4:28 pm

Point taken about the Dynasty on Hold part but I really want to see these Lakers get that 4 peat, because that would secure their place in the History books as one of the greatest teams ever. They have the opportunity to do something that no team has been in the position to do for like 4 decades. The 4-peat would be a monumental acheivement that I hope they don't miss as a result of just playing poorly. If they put their hearts into the rest of their games and they lose then what can you say, it wasn't meant to be, but to not reach that goal simply because they didn't try hard enough would be a tragedy.


Postby Reddy on Fri Apr 25, 2003 5:27 pm

I would love 4 the lakers to win the four peat like both of you too :bow:
because it'd be so neat to see the Lakers do something that has not been accomplished in 41 years, win 4 titles in a row
Then, everyone would soooooooooo fear us, looking at our shaq-less start at the beginning of the season, we still won the ring
that would make em imagine how it would look if shaq was healthy for the whole seaosn next year! :man4:

On Sunday is a must win, like some of us said, this is like the last year WCF against the kings, we win game 1, and make everyone think we wil sweep em, lose game 2 and 3, let them lead 2-1, and this time i think we will go end out the series on a 3 game win streak. Now, that'd be sweeeeeeeeeeeet. :man10:


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