WHAT HAPPENED!?!?!?!?!?!?!

WHAT HAPPENED!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Postby Coppertop on Fri Jul 11, 2003 1:29 am

I dunno about all of you, but my preconceived notion of Kobe's complete innocence are being diluded by the lack of information from his camp (lawyers, bodyguards, etc.). We hear plenty of political b.s. from the sheriff and DA, and get bits and pieces from hotel employees, neighbors, and other Colorado-ites. So...without claiming innocence or guilt upon Kobe, or his accuser, what do you think are some possible explanations for the hard facts we know on this case (I realize there are few).

-My take...Kobe is a charmer for sure, so I can see him flirting with this girl, and maybe others as well, no doubt they would've stood for that, he's friggin Kobe. Xtra Sports reported today (Hacksaw's show) that at 11 PM someone from Kobe's room called for room service, which closed at 10. But this 19 year old decided to take an order up to his room anyway. She was observed about a half hour later in tears.
So....I think Kobe was caught with an attractive girl in his room. Not completely his fault. 3 Bodyguards are in there as well, and we know nothing about these guys. My best guess is that they had fun with her, whether joking with her, or flirting with her, or whatever, and she got very uncomfortable and wanted to leave. Perhaps they said, "why are you gonna leave, hang here with us." My point is, Kobe was almost certainly not alone, and I cannot see him doing anything, whether fondling or raping a girl in front of his bodyguards. THAT is way too weird, for pretty much anyone.

Kobe has never been known as a partier, a sex fiend, a drunkard, has he even gotten a speeding ticket??? This does not mean he's perfect, but it does speak to the fact that he in all likelihood would not have done something so barbaric as is being claimed. I can imagine him getting charged with talking dirty to her, or making her feel threatened (simply by his presence). SHE IS BLOND, 19, and from the mountains. Why does Kobe want that?? There is no motive here that I can see.

Well, I'm sure there was more to the story than this, but that's my take. Tell me what you all think are possible scenarios. Out.
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