who's stats from the Big 4 will suffer the most?

Re: who's stats from the Big 4 will suffer the most?

Postby easyguy on Wed Oct 17, 2012 11:06 am

Rooscooter wrote:
JGC wrote:
Rooscooter wrote:First...... who cares?.... contrary to popular belief the NBA still is based on wins and losses and isn't a Fantasy League just yet.....

Second.... If Kobe is at 25+ points again we might be in trouble. Not that it's "sacrificing" but his scoring numbers were achieved through some inefficient play at times. We aren't going to get more possessions per game and we aren't going to get much more off the bench than last year but what we need to do to take the next step to dominate is become more balanced. Nash should actually score more in this offense, Kobe less with Pau and Howard more or less the same.

A perfect scenario would be Kobe at or near 20 a game with Nash and Pau at around 15, Howard around 17 to 18 and Jamison and MWP at or near 11. That would mean that we were playing diversified ball on offense and also it would mean that we would be difficult to stop.

Regarding Kobe, I'm not sure it is the PPG that is going to be the concern as it is the FGA. He could still easily average 25 PPG on 19 shots if he shoots at a higher efficiency (cut out the poor shots, get better looks thanks to D12 and Nash).

It's the shot attempts. Even if he is shooting efficiently, he can't be in the 23-25 FGA range. It's just too high and won't allow other members of the team to get in to a rhythm and get their own and contribute. Sure, there are going to be nights where Kobe is on fire and will probably take 25+ but the trend of going 3-4 straight games of 30+ FGA should never happen with these guys on the team and I'm confident it won't.

Yea... that is almost what I was alluding to. Kobe can still average 27 a game if he wants to..... no problem in fact. If he wants this team..... with absolutely no bench to win a championship we need balanced scoring and opportunities spread around a lot more than in recent years. Last year we tried to force Andrew touches at certain parts of the game and then would go away from him for a couple quarters and then come back.... that type of prescribed touches will need to stop if we are to genuinely become a balanced attack. Nash will have to spread it around and whomever takes his place for 18 minutes a game will have to as well. Just grooving Kobe didn't get us where we wanted to get last year.....

The first time I see the isolation or nothing approach down the stretch I'll be calling for Brown's head... if we can't figure out how to score other than a clear side for Kobe with this team someone needs to go.....

I agree with everything you've said. The sad part is, we will see Kobe with the ball in iso plays at the end of games. Brown did that in Clev, he will surely do it again. Especially with Kobe wanting to be the guy that make the last shot to win the game. The sad part is that he cant do that anymore. His body cannot catch up with the plays he have drawn up in his mind.
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