Would the 80's lakers beat the 2000's lakers

Would the 80's lakers beat the 2000's lakers

Postby Laker brain on Sat Jun 07, 2003 1:26 pm

PG Magic vs Fisher- adv 80's
SG Scott/Drew vs Kobe adv 2000's
SF Cooper vs Fox adv 80's
PF Worthy vs Madsen adv 80's
C Kareem vs Shaq adv 2000's

80's bench vs 2000's bench adv 1980's
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Laker brain

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Postby Kobe_One_Kenobi_8 on Sat Jun 07, 2003 1:40 pm

Honestly, I gotta the say the 80s in 6 or 7. And I love the 2000s version so much, but I just gotta be straight with it. 3 hall of famers will always beat 2, no matter if the 2 could be the best that will ever play the game. I will take Coop and Byron as role players over D-Fish and Fox any day.
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Postby LakerPride on Sat Jun 07, 2003 1:41 pm

4 game's to love.....showtime over slowtime...

The 80's lakers were a powerhouse. Solid players in EVERY postion. The current lakers are a two man team and a bunch of various stop gaps and plug ins...
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Postby LakersGyrl2003 on Sat Jun 07, 2003 3:37 pm

This is a question that we'll never know the answer to... Both teams have great talent, and great stars in their primes, but the eras are completly different, and that's whats scurry about matchin them up with one another.

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