Fri. 10/29 - Lakers @ Suns - Predictions & Comments

Re: Fri. 10/29 - Lakers @ Suns - Predictions & Comments

Postby Forward Three on Fri Oct 29, 2010 10:53 pm

That was a very fun game overall. So many lead changes, but it never felt stressful(being so early in the season). The players all seemed to be enjoying themselves and the Lakers looked as crisp offensively as they've ever looked, it was kind of like a really good preseason game. Obviously the defense is a minor concern going forward, but, the way I see, the reason the Lakers are the 2x champions right now is mostly due to their versatility. Their ability to adapt to the team they are playing against is unrivaled by any other team in the league, and I think that when the night really calls for a solid 48-minute strong, defensive effort, they will get it done. I know it is just the beginning of the season, and I really shouldn't be reading into it much, but I am still very enthusiastic about how well this team is coming together. I was nervous that after 3 straight years of deep playoff runs they might have been running on fumes by now. But, if anything they are every bit as competent and talented as ever and then some.
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