Mon. 1/9 vs. Pacers - Results Inside - Postgame comments

Postby magicmoment on Tue Jan 10, 2006 5:43 pm

Lakers Dynasty 2000 wrote:They said he was done.

They said he was past his prime.

They said he ran out Phil and Shaq.

They said he was uncoachable.

They said he was a "has been"

THEY were wrong

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Postby lizlakers31 on Tue Jan 10, 2006 8:03 pm

FabFourLakers wrote:wow what a great game by the cant complain when we win!!! but one thing i was REALLY confused about was when there was about 1:34 LEFT in the game and Kwame was D'ing up on JO and playing great on offense...and then JO drew a foul on Kwame which was his 5th...and Phil takes kwame out of the game and puts in MIHM....and mihm actually committed a lane violation right when he got in...and then phil left mihm out there for the rest of the game...i was really mad when he did that...and how about BYNUM? I really want to see more of this kid...i dont know what Mihm is doing to keep getting minutes...Bynum didnt even play in the 2nd half...damn i relaly hope Phil knows what hes doing with Bynum...hes not exactly known for DEVELOPING rookies...

but more can i say? You klnow what the difference is in his game? HES TAKING IT TO THE HOLE EVERY TIME!!! Its amazing what KOBE can do when he drives...he pretty much got fouled EVERY time...Lamar Odom wow...he picked the right time to show up...i think he had 8 in the 4th....KWAME played another good game...he should have gotten another double double....

Lets go for 4 straight in portland!! we need to win that game or this win was pointless!!!

If Phil would have taken Mihm out then LO might not have gotten that 3 pointer. That was an assist for MIHM. Kwame has played two good games and your right he should have gotten a double double. Mihm has been playing a lot better lately and even though he had foul trouble yesteday i still thought he played well, and most of his fouls came from helping Kwame out because he got beaten by his man.
i like Kwame but like chris he still has a lot to learn.
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Postby SOAD on Tue Jan 10, 2006 10:10 pm

Baylor did it too?

Atleast he was a Laker. :mhihi:
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