Thurs 5/10 - Lakers @ Nuggets Game 6 - Predictions/Comments

Re: Thurs 5/10 - Lakers @ Nuggets Game 6 - Predictions/Comments

Postby utnek67 on Thu May 10, 2012 10:38 pm

I really hate these Denver fans. Anyhow, Lakers have no perimeter shooters. So all Denver has to do double is double Bynum so when they kick the ball out to sesh, Barnes,and blake they miss or don't shoot the three. And when they don't shoot the three, they send the ball back to a doubled bynum or they try to drive in but the paint is clogged. Still doesn't explain the lack of fight of the players. Only Kobe was willing to fight and look for his shot even when sick. Can't explain about Gasol at all though. Time for game 7.

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