Thus 4/22 - Lakers @ Thunder - Game 3 - Predictions/Comments

Re: Thus 4/22 - Lakers @ Thunder - Game 3 - Predictions/Comments

Postby bruddahmanmatt on Fri Apr 23, 2010 7:31 pm

bystander wrote:
Kobe mvp! wrote:
odom1year wrote:Why Kobe never listen to Phil ???

Shoot better or shoot less.

this is Kobe's team, he can do whatever he wants to do.. you dont like it? go to see cleveland.. not just you, all those stupid "fans" who didnt like what Kobe does . haters.

Kobe, we love you!

You are the best fan of all, congrats.

The sad thing is he probably thinks you're being serious. :man10:

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Re: Thus 4/22 - Lakers @ Thunder - Game 3 - Predictions/Comments

Postby sm61893 on Fri Apr 23, 2010 11:55 pm

Kobe mvp! wrote:
Are you joking? You are saying Kobe can do whatever he wants even if it means the team loses? In the 4th Kobe took 4 maybe 5 shots that he had open people that he could have passed to. Twice Drew was open down low. To top it off the rest of the team was hitting shots. I’m a big Kobe fan but I’m also objective enough to know he was a big part of the reason we lost the game last night. The only reason no but a big part of it. If Fish, Ron, Odom, or Gasol had done the same things last night in the 4th people would be going crazy, but because it’s Kobe people make excuses like he can do no wrong. I’m a Lakers fan first maybe some of you should ask yourself are you a Lakers fan or a Kobe fan. I’m not saying I don’t want him on the team but the truth is he is not playing great right now I’m sure it’s because he is hurt. He needs to step back and realize he can’t put the game on his shoulders right now when he is shooting the way he is.

if we didn't have Kobe, We were losing the second game, when he scored 39 and almost 20 points in the 4 quarter. this is Kobe's team, For better or worse, everybody knows that. so give him credit even for games like yesterday.. He deserves more than that.

I disagree with the way you look at it. They also wouldn't have won the game without Gasol but people are always criticizing him for his mistakes. Just because Kobe helped them win game 2 does not mean he should not get flax for the way he played in game 3. If the way you play costs the team a win I don’t care who you are or what you did yesterday I’m not saying “It’s Kobe and it’s his team so he can do whatever he wants”. Team first Kobe 2nd. Does this mean I don’t want Kobe on the team no way I’m glad we have him and he has done great things for this team but he is not beyond reproach.
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