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Little_Duck wrote:
LOsMyGuy wrote:
BryantDunkGiant wrote:
LOsMyGuy wrote:
BryantDunkGiant wrote:
amazing how his offense dissapeared in the 4th as well
Kirilenko has had his number all game.

We watched two different games, another Kobe well I wont say it cause I agreed not to say it but you know where I am going with this. Lamar showed all game, that Kirilenko can't guard him if anything. He torched him in the post, and went right around him off the dribble. Yet, held AK to 14pts(4 came when he was on the bench I believe) so he held him to 10 in actuality. You guys need to take off the Kobe colored glasses, or go to basketball 101 or something because some of you really lack the knowledge of the game.
Quit baiting or you will be banned. Final warning.

Oh, we aren't allowed to disagree with mods I guess? Whats that about, I disagreed. What's the big deal? Does that warrant a ban, come on? If I did something wrong, PM me about it and let me know. But no need for this, just because I disagreed.

No actually it's because you are intendingly trying to annoy users.

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