Tue. 10/11 vs. Warriors - Results Inside - Postgame comments

Postby scheven on Wed Oct 12, 2005 1:54 am

kobe 28 pts, 5 rebs, 5 asts, 10-19 FG, 8-8 FT :jam2:
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Postby DMK on Wed Oct 12, 2005 1:56 am

Great game! Cause we won!!! I guarenteed to my laker hating friend, and we won!

It's 4:06am here and i just got done watchin the game...i have work in about 3 or 4 hrs... it was worth it to see us win. It was slow and crazy at first, good solid full court from us all game which wore down GS in the 2nd,3rd n 4th.

So proud of our guys, even though it is a Exibition game. Much still is to be worked on.... great game by kobe also... GO LAKERS!

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Postby wayniac on Wed Oct 12, 2005 1:59 am

*Judging from this game, Smush looked to me like he deserves a spot. As long as he can play D like that for stretches, he can be valuable. He got up and pressured Baron Davis and forced him in to turnovers. Even though he picked up some fouls, he was aggressive and working hard. What more can you ask? I was impressed be his defense definately.
* I was dissapointed in our big guys, namely Mihm, Kwame, and Slava. Cook actually played better than them. :man3: By the way, Cook has really slimmed down.
*Devean George provided some good energy even though he was a little out of control.
*I still think Mckie should be our starter. Smush played well, but so did Tierre Brown in the preseason. Besides, I think that Mckie would not only be the better starter of the two, Smush would probably even be the better back up of the two. Their individual games just fit that role better.
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Postby Lakerfan36 on Wed Oct 12, 2005 2:04 am

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Postby jminges on Wed Oct 12, 2005 2:06 am

Way to go Lamar, way to close out the game.
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Postby BDG on Wed Oct 12, 2005 2:16 am

Can anyone get me the exact FG% for the Lakers tonight?

I'm trying to do the score on Good Call but I can't find a box score. :man5:
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Postby Lakers Dynasty 2000 on Wed Oct 12, 2005 2:21 am

BryantDunkGiant wrote:Can anyone get me the exact FG% for the Lakers tonight?

I'm trying to do the score on Good Call but I can't find a box score. :man5:

I'm not sure; boxscores aren't up yet - although the links I updated on the first post of this thread is the official NBA boxscore link; not updated yet.

I believe it was 39% but Cook dropped in that last shot so it could be 40%+
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Postby FabFourLakers on Wed Oct 12, 2005 2:33 am

unfortunately...i was studying pretty much all day for my calculus mid term and writing an essay for english...i only got to catch the 4th qarter...so i didnt get to see Kobe, Mihm or Kwame....but WOW i was relaly impressed with odom...he reallly looked like a leader out there...i really hope he can do that for 82 games....18 pts from odom...i think he had like 10 in the 4th tho haha...Slava needs to be CUT....he hasnt changed one bit...still holds the ball, still turns it over...still shoots it without thinking....

other thoughts:

George had great energy, could be our 6th man

Walton looked GREAT...hoepfully that hamstring injury isnt serious

Bobbit really looks like he WANTS to be on this team

Cook looked like he was posting up more, gettin inside more...good sign

Our D looked good for stretches...but our press coudl be better...

The Triangle looked good for the time they had...

All in all...lakers looked like they were really trying to win this game...and good thing they did...

Can anyone give me a synopsis on KWAME and MIHM? i was really looking forward tos eein those 2...but i didnt...and how did Kobe look? i guss 28 pts for a preseason game is no sweat for Kobe...who was guarding J Rich when Kobe was guarding baron?
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Postby Kobe_One_Kenobi_8 on Wed Oct 12, 2005 5:25 am

Ooo bad that Kwame's cut kept him away from the floor, which limited his chances to know the system better and quicker.

Time and experience will improve his role in the offense, but his defense and rebounding in the defensive side should shoul be there already. I hope that he has a better showing in the defensive side.
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Postby Startrex on Wed Oct 12, 2005 6:21 am

scheven wrote:kobe 28 pts, 5 rebs, 5 asts, 10-19 FG, 8-8 FT :jam2:

All in 27 minutes! very impressive (I know this is preseason :man1: ) but man... he shot pretty well. Odom also played well. I hope this tandem would be better as the season goes on!

Man... I coudln't follow the game yesterday and either tonite. You guys who watched tehm were so darn lucky :man6:

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Postby The Kobe Era 2K5 on Wed Oct 12, 2005 7:53 am

Kobe had MVP stats! I'm sure that tonight, in 2nd game vs. Warriors he will be more on bench, not on court...
Damn, I wanted to see this games badly... But I couldn't, cuz my NBA+ chanell showed Celtics vs. Cavaliers...
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Postby Sharpshooter on Wed Oct 12, 2005 9:03 am

did anyone dload the game? maybe someone could cut it into quarters and upload it. :man4:
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Postby UKUGA on Wed Oct 12, 2005 9:12 am

It's good to beat the Warriors. We need to OWN teams like this in the regular season, to make sure we can get our 45+ wins.

Plus, with people talking smack about the great play by GS in meaningless games down the stretch last season (after we had given up), it's important to show them that we still own them.

Just exhibition, just GS, but still, wins are nice for a team that needs some confidence.
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Postby shakin on Wed Oct 12, 2005 9:13 am

If Lamar is this aggresive on offense all year, the LakeShow will be TOUGH. He looked awesome!
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Postby Kobina on Wed Oct 12, 2005 10:22 am

This is a pretty good game for the first preseason game. Scoring 101pts and giving up only 93 pts you couldnt ask for more. I was anticipating that guys be lost on offense and there would be miscommunication from many players because of the inability to execute the triangle. You only had like a week to work on the triangle so what happened in this game was expected. The thing that we scored 101pts was a testament to Kobe who worked hard all summer. Odom at the end might have ditched the triangle and started taking over the game. What do you guys think about the triangle being executed? I personally couldnt see the game but heard it on radio.

One thing I liked was the defense. We started out the game giving fast breaks and point after point. I believe the deficit was 14-2 as the Warriors were trying to embarass the Lakers. But the second half came, maybe Phil got in their heads they all played good defense. I dont know if the defense can hold opponents to the low 90s every game but we'll see.
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Postby nameant on Wed Oct 12, 2005 10:40 am

box score? :man3:
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Postby BrianCook_The_Laker on Wed Oct 12, 2005 10:52 am

nameant wrote:box score? :man3:


(Had to do it myself since you couldnt copy it!)

Parker 16 4/6 0/0 2 1 0 4 9
Odom 27 5/9 6/7 5 2 2 2 16
Bryant 27 10/19 8/8 5 5 2 2 28
Mihm 20 1/6 5/6 9 0 1 3 7
Brown 23 2/7 2/5 4 0 2 2 6
McKie 20 1/3 0/0 4 1 0 3 2
George 13 2/5 4/5 4 0 1 5 8
Walton 7 2/2 1/1 1 0 0 0 5
Slava 10 1/4 0/0 2 0 0 2 2
Bobbitt 20 2/7 0/0 3 2 1 2 4
Vujacic 8 0/1 0/0 0 1 0 1 0
Jones 18 1/6 1/3 3 0 0 4 3
Wafer 6 0/2 1/2 0 0 1 1 1
Cook 23 3/8 4/4 5 2 1 3 10
Parada 2 0/0 0/0 0 0 0 0 0

3-Point Goals - Los Angeles 1/12 (Parker 1/3, Brown 0/1, Vujacic 0/1, Jones 0/1, Cook 0/1, Bobbitt 0/2, Odom 0/3.)
Blocked Shots - Los Angeles 2 (Odom, Jones)
Turnovers - Los Angeles 14
Technicals - Cabarkapa
ATT - 7,303

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Postby Gramps on Wed Oct 12, 2005 11:06 am

I have only one thing to say about the game:
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Postby James083 on Wed Oct 12, 2005 11:34 am

Kobe: Was actually scoring in the flow of the offense and did not have to continue to score as odom and others stepped up. Every thing else is awsome as we know what we get from this 10year vet.

Odom: More aggressive which will really improve his overall presance on the floor. This will also relive alot of presure from kobe and free him up to do more scoring that is not forced but rather in the "flow".

Kwame: He seems a little lost on offense at times but had some really encourging signs. Kobe split two defenders then passed it to Kwame who then split his two defenders in the post and finshed a three point play. His rebounding and blocking out were very nice. He also contested shots but did not get any blocked shots because the warriors would back off. He then hit the bench and got a cut over his eye which needed seven stiches and kept him sidlined for the rest of the game.

Mihm: He looked like he was on the road...The nice thing is that his size is an advantage when he and Kwame are on offense. He got a nice put back when kwame was taking shots which cleared up some space for him to actually rebound against only 1-2 guys instead of 3 like last year. I expect him to have better games but our front line looks so much better and the size made a difference as the game went on. I was very impressed with the size and athletisim of our front line which seemed to dwarf the golden state front line but then again its golden state so im not 100 percent sure what to expect against other teams.

Smush: He definatly can play some defense. He is a little more broad shouldered than what I thought and he was able to get under the skin of baron davis which lead to some turnovers. I know its preaseason but Baron is a prideful player and dosent like to look bad in any game preseason or otherwise so he really started to go at smush. Smush held his own and I would say that he won the mental war. His goal was to go out and get baron out of his element and did exactly that. He also finshed a nice layup in transition against baron.

Mckie: He actually seemed to have very fresh legs and showed me some vet offensive shots but not much else because of limited minutes.

George: I like our 6th man because he gives us energy off the bench and the second unit seemed to follow his command. He just needs to show more discipline and stay undercontrol.

I didnt have time to really notice everyone else since these were the guys I was really watching for.

We got the W and that is what we needed along with some strong performances not from every one individual but as a TEAM. I am really looking foward to the season. A new season where we can really prove our critics wrong and show what Lakers b ball is all about :jam2:
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Postby RJ on Wed Oct 12, 2005 4:19 pm

Smush is a keeper. We need his defensive intensity on this team. He will also provide some highlights this year, something we also need.

McKie surprised me. He was exceptional. Good job running the point even when being pressured. Can shoot a decent J too.

Kobe was Kobe... Turned it up when we really needed it.

Lamar needs to get involved more in the O. He did good on D most of the time...

Bobbit was solid. Can't ask for much more form him.

Parada or w/e looks like a duplicate of Vlade, except about half his age, haha...

George looked good out there. Good 6th or 7th man.

Luke was ok, I expected better...

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Postby Yessic@ on Wed Oct 12, 2005 6:09 pm

hmmm FOR ME last game was really good mostly all the players were passing the ball,and good defense,I hope they win tonight again :bow:

I hear the game by RADIO :man6:
its alright thought atleast i know what the hell is going on.
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Postby hZm on Wed Oct 12, 2005 7:51 pm

Since LD2k's at the Clippers game... im gonna close this. The next game starts in about 3 hours. You can check out the pre-game show with Matt Money at 9:00.
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