Wed. 2/29 - Lakers vs T-Wolves - Predictions & Comments

Re: Wed. 2/29 - Lakers vs T-Wolves - Predictions & Comments

Postby snackdaddy on Wed Feb 29, 2012 11:04 pm

biggestkobefanever wrote:I think if we beat Miami we can get a big winning streak going. Think about it:
Fri 02 vs Sacramento 7:30pm FS West
Sun 04 vs Miami 12:30pm
Tue 06 @ Detroit 4:30pm KCAL
Wed 07 @ Washington 4:00pm KCAL
Fri 09 @ Minnesota 5:00pm KCAL
Sun 11 vs Boston 12:30pm
Tue 13 @ Memphis 5:00pm KCAL
Wed 14 @ New Orleans 5:00pm KCAL
Fri 16 vs Minnesota 7:30pm FS West
Sun 18 vs Utah
The only "tough" games would be against Miami & Boston, both at home, and at Memphis.. If you defend your home court, beat Miami, and beat the below .500 teams on the road (except Memphis) you get to like a 7 game winning streak.. and if you keep playing well and beat memphis on the road, you can get to like an 11 game winning streak (new orleans sucks, minnesota and utah at home should be easy).

Boston is slumping again. 3-7 over the last 10. Miami is really the only tough team in that stretch, although Memphis on the road will be tough. No reason we can't go 8-2 in that stretch. That would put us at 29-16. Not bad for a team with so many holes.

That would prolly move us ahead of the Clippers for the 3rd spot in the west. A 3 seed in the playoffs avoids OK city till the west finals. I believe the Lakers are fully capable of beating anyone else in the west. Spurs are playing well right now, but I think they'll have peaked too early by the time the playoffs get here.
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Re: Wed. 2/29 - Lakers vs T-Wolves - Predictions & Comments

Postby kobebryant248 on Wed Feb 29, 2012 11:11 pm

wow wow guys . don t get to cocky and arrogant. let s play hard one game after another game and see what happened. we are right now not in a position to be so arrogant, yeah we could beat them all if we bring our a game that for sure. but it will not so easy as you guys thinking. play sacramento on friday take them serious and lakers should win. on sunday every laker player has to bring their a game to beat the heat , if this happens we have a good chance to beat the heat. and from that on go from game to game . so lakers have a really good chance to go on a streak .

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Re: Wed. 2/29 - Lakers vs T-Wolves - Predictions & Comments

Postby 24fanyes on Wed Feb 29, 2012 11:15 pm

what a game by kobe :jam2:
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