Los Angeles Lakers - The Perfect Verse of a Rotten Story

Los Angeles Lakers - The Perfect Verse of a Rotten Story

Postby Aircam24 on Mon Jul 09, 2012 9:42 am

This story of Los Angeles Lakers team took place one year ago. The average team came thourgh a long road to become an elite team. This video shows their good and bad moments, from beginning of the season to the end. You will see every important happening of their story.

The Perfect Verse of a Rotten Story shows progress which Lakers made. They've built new chemistry last season. The beginning was tough for the Lakers. The team was only Bryant, so You will see more Kobe clips at the beginning. With more time they've started play better as a unit. Big role in this had Andrew Bynum, so I started to show more clips from Kobe's teammates.

The title has two meanings. First: Perfect Verse (Pau Gasol) of a Rotten Story (cause the injuries always buried Lakers). Second: Perfect Verse (They've reached the finals and became a Western Conference Champions) of a Rotten Story (the same as in the first one, nobody expect them to get to the top).

I showed some happenings from the ending at the beginning (I dont remember how it was called). I think if you have questions about some things at the beginning of my video, you will get anwser later. So don't worry. I think everything is explained.

I didn't show Lakers - Celtics final for two reasons. One of them is that I wanted to say through this, that the rivalry is back and no matter what score was in the finals, the emotions, fight beetwen Lakers - Celtics still will be. Second: This is preview for my upcoming Lakers - Celtics Video. I will make that series separate including last Christmas game (I'll hope I will finish before their second meeting).

I wanna give props to Cachooka, revgen, SvR whos video was sample for me, and other guys who helped me. There are credits at the end of the video.

Old video about LAL's 07 - 08 Season...Enjoy!

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Re: Los Angeles Lakers - The Perfect Verse of a Rotten Story

Postby lakersStan24 on Mon Jul 16, 2012 5:01 am

Looks Good I'll Check It Out
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