Magic (19/8/10) returns to the NBA, Cedric Ceballos 360, 33p

Magic (19/8/10) returns to the NBA, Cedric Ceballos 360, 33p

Postby LamarMatic on Sat Aug 13, 2011 8:49 am

Magic Johnson returns to the NBA after his retirement in 1991 because of testing positive for HIV. He had not played on this kind of a level since the 1992 Olympics (I wouldn’t count those 92-93 pre-season games). Johnson has a great return as he proves to play his point forward position pretty well – he makes many hook shots after bodying up the weaker Joe Smith and passes out successfully out of double teams to open shooters. Of course during this night all eyes are on him as their is a replay for almost any play involving Magic. January 30, 1996.

Cedric has an amazing game full with flashy dunks and assists on Magic Johnson’s return to the NBA. He misses only one field goal during the first half and goes 15/18 during the whole game.

Cedric gets creative on the fast break.

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