Purple & Gold TV

Purple & Gold TV

Postby Aircam24 on Mon Dec 10, 2012 4:21 pm

Hello guys,

some of you may know me from youtube/purpleandgoldpltv channel, which has been removed by YT because of three warnings. I was uploading Lakers Backstages Episodes, Documantaries and some other stuff.

After YT decided to delete my another channel, I decided to create a website, where I will be uploading Lakers Backstage Episodes, Documantaries and even Highlights. Everything in ONE PLACE. That was my idea - I want to create a huge Lakers videos database - where fans will find everything they want.

These days YouTube is not a good option to upload Lakers videos so I guess its better to go away from it. And that's why I invite you to visit my site: http://www.purpleandgoldtv.com

So far I uploaded all Backstage Lakers Episodes (including e9). I'm gonna add highlights this week and then Lakers Dynasty Series etc. Site is still WIP but I think it is ready enough to share it with you. I hope you'll enjoy it and check it every day for updates.


Please like my fan page and follow me on twitter, in case something goes wrong.


P.S I hope this thread won't be removed, cause the only thing I want to do is share Lakers word. Thank you.

Backstage Lakers

Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three
Episode Four
Episode Five
Episode Six
Episode Seven
Episode Eight
Episode Nine
Episode Ten
Episode Eleven


Kobe Bryant: Beyond the Glory
Big Game James: The James Worthy Story
The Association: Los Angeles Lakers
NBA Unscripted: Los Angeles Lakers

Game Highlights

30/11/12 Denver Nuggets vs Los Angeles Lakers
02/12/12 Orlando Magic vs Los Angeles Lakers
04/12/12 Los Angeles Lakers vs Houston Rockets
05/12/12 Los Angeles Lakers vs New Orleans Hornets
07/12/12 Los Angeles Lakers vs Oklahoma City Thunder
09/12/12 Utah Jazz vs Los Angeles Lakers
09/12/12 Utah Jazz vs Los Angeles Lakers
11/12/12 Los Angeles Lakers vs Cleveland Cavaliers
13/12/12 Los Angeles Lakers vs New York Knicks
14/12/12 Los Angeles Lakers vs Washington Wizards
16/12/12 Los Angeles Lakers vs Philadelphia 76ers
18/12/12 Charlotte Bobcats vs Los Angeles Lakers

Kobe Bryant Convo

The Lakers Dynasty

The Lakers Dynasty
NBA's First Dynasty Overview
That Magic Season
Something to Prove
Return to Glory
The Drive for Five
Back to Back
2000 NBA Championship
2001 NBA Championship
2002 NBA Championship

Vintage NBA

George Mikan
Elgin Baylor
Jerry West
Wilt Chamberlain
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Michael Cooper
Magic Johnson
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Re: Purple & Gold TV

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