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Postby ToriBean on Sat Feb 18, 2012 9:18 pm

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Postby waltonout on Sun Feb 19, 2012 12:08 pm

If the Lakers wants to go to the finals this year, there is two thing, they need to do before Mar.15. deadline.
The first thing is to trade Gasol for Deron Williams, which can posibly bring Dwight Howard to LA in the postseason. But first we need a solid PG to run our offense.The second thing is to get rid of MWP, Walton, Kapono and Blake.Wilson Chandler will be a FA in a few days and I would like to see the guy in a Lakers uniform.We have a roster spot for him as a starter at SF, but need to trade these four players to open some salary room for one or two other serviceble bench players, because our second unit is one of the worst in NBA.
So, get a good PG and find some better pieces for the bench.That will improve the team and make it contender once again.

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Postby therealdeal on Sun Feb 19, 2012 1:20 pm

1. Williams doesn't get moved until Howard does. The Nets want to pair those two and they won't let go of Williams until Howard is off the market.
2. Get rid of MWP, Walton, Kapono, and Blake? Well first of all Walton and Peace are basically untradeable. No one wants them unless they're packaged with some great talent (Pau or Andrew). Kapono is cheap as can be and we need to fill out the roster with bodies, he fits that. Blake is a very good backup PG and this team has looked good with him in the lineup.
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Postby Ludachris on Fri Mar 02, 2012 11:20 am

Deron Williams isn't going to be traded until summer at the earliest. That's because even if Howard gets traded he still will become a free agent this summer, no matter where he finishes the season. He's not going to agree to sign an extension before that time, it doesn't make sense for him to do so. I think the earliest he'll sign an agreement is September. And the Nets don't need to trade Williams before that point either. They can wait to see where Howard signs and can then trade Williams once that happens if they don't land Howard.

So the Howard/Williams destination will not be determined before the summer. And unfortunately, that means the Lakers are pretty much out of the running because they don't have the cap space to sign Howard as a free agent. The only way they land him is in a trade so that they can trade away some of that salary (as in, trading Bynum and/or Gasol). Sorry guys, but there's very little chance we get him, and if we get him before the trade deadline, we'll be in the same boat as Orlando is now, crossing our fingers hoping he'll sign an extension. And if he doesn't, we'll be screwed if he walks.

All signs point to no Howard trade. And if there is a trade, it will be with New Jersey, Dallas, or some desperate team who is willing to gamble their best players (like the Warriors). It won't be the Lakers. Which consequently means we likely won't get Williams either. Everyone out there thinking we should trade Gasol for Williams doesn't realize the Nets won't trade him unless they don't get Howard this summer. So we'd have to wait until the summer or next season's trade deadline at the earliest.
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Postby Hunter Jackson on Tue Jul 17, 2012 2:21 pm

That'd be beast! Deron Williams is such a good player.
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