** CL's Old and New School Challenge (12 GMs needed) **

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** CL's Old and New School Challenge (12 GMs needed) **

Postby L4L on Tue Sep 16, 2008 12:47 am

ClubLakers Old School/New School Challenge



There will be 24 teams. Each team will be responsible for creating their own team thread, giving themselves any team name they desire. I’ll do my best to choose managers based on who was first, but also on your post history, if you’ve done GM League’s before, and so on. Only those who will be fully engaged will be allowed.

The draft order will be based on a lottery format. The sign-up list will be randomized and each player on the list, in order, will then receive a number from 1 to 24. This is the order in which they will pick their draft slot. Draft slots taken by those ahead of you in the lottery cannot be stolen. I’ll do this myself using a random generation tool online. The draft will be banzai format, in which the first round goes 1-24, then the 24th GM gets the first pick in the next three rounds, and then it goes snake after the 1st GM makes their first pick in the fifth round. This will help keep teams balanced.


Each roster will be comprised of twelve players. Euros who aren't currently in the NBA are not allowed. Players chosen who are currently in the league are assumed to be at their current basketball skill level (even rookies).

You are allowed to pick three players that are not currently in the league. You must select a season for these "Old School" players. This is not necessarily statistically driven, but it does force you to showcase your knowledge of individual player careers. Do you know your players' athletic peak? Do you know when they had their most dominant years? Did you pick a point in a big man's career where he didn't know how to pass out of doubles yet? Did you pick a season prior a legend becoming a proven leader? Did you choose stats over impact? Forcing GMs to pick a season will force them to be accountable and help separate the elite from the mediocre and so forth.

Players must have played during or after the '79-'80 season to be eligible for the draft. You must select a season during or after '79-'80 for the three "Old School" players you selected. The main idea behind this reasoning had to do with eliminating the silly era debates over stat inflation, athleticism, and the level of competition that may have, or may not have, led to certain achievements or success. In addition, by '79-'80, the NBA had begun keeping track of four key statistics: pace, three point percentage, blocks, and turnovers. There should be no statistical questions that cannot be easily answered. Finally, this rule was enacted to prevent Wilt Chamberlain, and other centers, from taking over the game; teams shouldn't be eliminated from the competition because they didn't land in the top ten picks or so.


Trades can only happen after the draft concludes. Aside from the first pick you make, any player will be tradeable. Each team will be allowed two make two trades. Three team trades are allowed. A player can only change teams once.


If you feel the need to wave the wand, you can make any current NBA player into their prime self. Want to get a prime J-Kidd? You can do it. However, using the wand means you're only able to select ONE player not currently in the league. You can get that prime Kidd and Ewing, but is that worth the trade off of selecting three HOFers?

If you land Shaq in the draft, and you plan to use Mitch's Magic Wand on O'Neal, be aware that you will only be allowed to select seasons from Shaq's tenure in Orlando. All other eligible players who are taken are assumed to be in their basketball primes.

At the conclusion of the trading portion of the contest, each GM will submit a write-up as to why their team should be one of the top four teams in their conference. The judges will then pick the top four, in each conference, seed them, and a single-elimination, eight-team tournament will begin.

Go into this expecting that you will NEED to know how to coach your team. You will need to know what sets you are going to run and you will need to know defensive strategies to counter your opponent. You can’t just amass talent and let it do the work. This isn’t numbers driven fantasy basketball. Not only must you be able to rate talent, know when talent is at its peak, AND pick talents that mesh together, but you must pick a game plan that UTILIZES the talent you’ve brought together. This is so important I can’t stress it enough.

GM's So Far

1.) L4L
2.) bleed purple n gold
3.) tradelamarodom
4.) Vigen
5.) LDR
6.) Ubershorty
7.) lakerswiz
8.) Massacre
9.) Kobe Bryant 8
10.) TIME
11.) Perfecto
12.) fusechris

I'd like everyone who originally signed up to confirm their interest in the game. With such a long lay-off since the last update, I can't count on everyone who said they'd be here to, well, be here. Those who signed up previously receive seniority rights if it comes to that.
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Postby Ubershorty on Tue Sep 16, 2008 4:20 pm

I want to join. I like doing fantasy stuff like that and I usually go on this site a couple times a day so I'll play.
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Postby L4L on Sat Sep 20, 2008 12:01 pm

We need more people. Let's go CL.
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Postby ukraine08 on Mon Sep 22, 2008 12:58 pm

so where is this gonna be..like i mean wats the site? i mite join..i have experience
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Re: ** CL's Old and New School Challenge (12 GMs needed) **

Postby FANSO on Sun Dec 28, 2008 12:13 pm

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