Plan to Alter Lakers...Part 1

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Plan to Alter Lakers...Part 1

Postby Snakell Beast on Sun May 29, 2011 6:07 pm

Dump Ratliff, Smith and Johnson. Before the CBA expires, Trade Bynum, Odom, Blake, Brown, Artest and Walton to Orlando for Howard, Turkoglu, and Arenas. Even if Amnesty is a part of the new CBA, the magic organization still has to pay the contracts of the released player, it just doesn't count against the cap. Orlando needs to save actual money, not just remove the money being spent from their cap number. This trade accomplishes those savings, as well as giving Orlando some rebuilding options for the future. Getting rid of Arenas and Hedo clears a ton of salary. Howard is replaced by Bynum and Odom, who the Magic can audition for a long term role for one season, and then either offer more money to than anyone to keep them, or let them hit the market and totally rebuild with an almost no salary. Artest can opt out of his contract after this coming season, allowing Orlando to use their Amnesty to immediately dump Walton's contract from their salary cap for next season.

Even if Artest does not opt out after next season, choosing to keep the money since his value on the open market has plummeted over the past two seasons...the Magic can still use their amnesty on Walton this season and Artest next season.They would then be nearly $30 million under the NEW cap, if they opted out of their deals with Bynum and Odom, with either the 2 years of Luke's remaining contract to pay off at $11.78 mill (not counting against the cap), or (if Artest chose not to opt out) both contracts (off the cap) to pay off at about $33.55 million...a HUGE savings from the $96.62 million Hedo and Arenas' contracts would cost under amnesty for the same period...

The Lakers would be taking on a lot of salary, but also would be addressing many of their problems as well. Before the draft, I would Sign Kwame Brown, Vladimir Radmanovic, Anthony Parker and Eddie House. They can all be had for minimum contracts. At the draft, I would trade our #58 and #41 Picks to move up to the beginning of the second round and draft Norris Cole, then use the #46 pick on Vernon Macklin & the
#56 on Robin Benzing. Let Benzing Stay overseas for a few seasons to develop.

Our New Roster:
PG: Gilbert Arenas / Derek Fisher / Norris Cole
SG: Kobe Bryant / Anthony Parker / Eddie House
SF: Hedo Turkoglu / Matt Barnes / Devin Ebanks
PF: Pau Gasol / Vernon Macklin / Vladimir Radmanovic
C: Dwight Howard / Kwame Brown / Derrick Caracter

I think we can contend with that roster. We have everything...size, strength, speed, defense, agility, smarts, heart, clutch leadership and OUTSIDE SHOOTING FROM ALMOST EVERYONE. Kind of hard to pack the paint against Dwight and Gasol when Kobe, Arenas and Hedo are stretching the floor and penetrating from the perimeter. The bench is amazingly versatile, every player can play at least 2 positions...except Kwame, but he's a utility defensive center at this point anyway. Even the older players on our roster are in excellent shape and can get up and down. We have the DPOY to go with Kobe in teh starting unit...and almost every player can defend off the bench. (great for holding big leads... :jam2: )

This is one way to go...there are so many options...I will release a different plan in a few days.
The End is nigh. Time for a total Cut and Shuffle. Kobe contract was a mistake...time to avoid making more. The future is here, whether we want it to be or not. An era is over, but for the death rattle, and it's time for the cycle to begin anew. Growth and change are scary and painful, but alas...nothing worth achieving comes easily.
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