Viktor Sanikidze

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Viktor Sanikidze

Postby kennisoneric on Thu Jan 12, 2012 6:51 pm

Pay attention on Viktor Sanikidze , he's a SF , he plays for Virtus bologna- Italy, he's RPG is 19

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Re: Viktor Sanikidze

Postby 2decadelaker on Fri Aug 03, 2012 7:52 am

not because he is my national, i think he best suits in lakers roster. i think that's exactly what they need.

1-lakers need at least one sharpshooter like ray ray, cj miles. due to switching towards princeton offence. kobe is clutch, but very unstable from the 3p range, while this is the era of threes.

2. i have seen him play a lot of times and even played against him once and what i can definitely say, he is very fast and explosive at both defencive and offencive ends. he's got very strong legs and pure, lean muscle mass which gives him opportunity to fly high for some offencive rebounds.

3. what is most important he is very effective from corners. literally he makes all of corner threes. and feels comfortable and confident taking (and making) tough 3p shots. (check out game against russia on fiba europe 2011)EXACTLY what we need. plus he's alley-oop lover and can bring some show to the house. he literally spits in the rim.

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