3 way to get Mo!

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3 way to get Mo!

Postby khmrP on Tue Jan 10, 2012 11:33 am

Sjackson/future protected 1st from Milw to LAC
Mo William/LAC 2nd to LAL
Odom tpe/LAL 2nd to Milw

Milw- basically gets out of Sjax contract scott free for the next 2 yrs but will have to compensate clipps for taking on Jax contract, it should be lotto protected (say top 10) for several years as Milw future looks as bad as always

Clipps- they do this to not only add DEPT to your backup SG/SF position but also gain a decent asset for the future in Milw pick. They owe their 2012 pick to Bos should they make the playoffs so best case Milw does better as season goes along and maybe they still get a 2012 pick. Sjax would make a great scoring punch off the bench and they would be crazy talented with this guy as we know he's very versatile and isn't scared of the big moments

Lakers- well he's the best solution I've got, also fits into Odoms tpe in addition its like swapping 2nds with Clipps, which I think we might end up the better since I see using having better record than clipps at end of the day.
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