2013 Draft Discussion

Re: 2013 Draft Discussion

Postby Weezy on Thu Jun 27, 2013 9:14 pm

Siva? 6 foot pg? I'm not too upset about that, we wouldn't use him anyway.
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Re: 2013 Draft Discussion

Postby 432J on Fri Jun 28, 2013 12:08 am

not a bad pick

siva would have just been another morris
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Re: 2013 Draft Discussion

Postby revgen on Fri Jun 28, 2013 2:13 am

Kobe has repeatedly said that the Lakers need more footspeed on the perimeter. I'm not sure how Kelly helps with that. Then again, the Lakers FO always seems more comfortable picking bigs in the draft over smalls.
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Re: 2013 Draft Discussion

Postby halekulani on Fri Jun 28, 2013 5:24 am

last night's draft was crazy
very fun draft, very unpredictable

lol bennett at #1
tbh, i was expecting charlotte to gamble on him

great trade for the pelicans - jrue and a next year's 1st, protected out of the top 3?

boston - L O L. simmons looked like he was ready to throw up on stage hahahahaha. he's gonna write 10,000 words on why this is the worst move of all time. i was v surprised they traded up to olynyk. i had projected them to grab shabazz because they are the type of team who recruits highly talented yet questionable players (rondo/sullinger) and turn them into awesome players.

kings got a steal in mclemore as he slipped to them

trailblazers looked like they drafted mccollum as the best player on the board...have no idea what they will do with both him and lillard.

len's perfect landing spot was phx who can work with him on his foot fracture. a more perfect scenario could not have been scripted.

KCP to detroit - lol brandon knight, i think u just lost your job.

MCW to philly - he was the best pg left on the board, but they really really should have gotten james harden jr. err i mean shabazz muhammed

don't know any euros so can't comment

chicago - really thought they were going with crabbe here for some outside shooting. don't know much about snell.

plumlee - good pick. i actually think brook is quick enough to guard 4's so plumlee could play w/ him at the same time

pacers - wow what a reach for solomon hill. could easily trade down for this.

new york - i thought franklin wouldn't slip past them. dont know much about hardaway jr.

clips - dont know bullock

sas - never heard of this guy but i'm scared b/c spurs are sneaky good. i really thought they were gonna go with franklin (kawhi's classmate) or withey

cavs - very good pick with crabbe. lots of value...don't know who felix is but i thought they might go with canaan for off the bench scoring

houston - great value pick by canaan who was projected as a 1st rounder

wash - shoutout to white choc / mini jay will nate wolters

memphis - gonna mold franklin into tony allen 2.0. he's gonna beast.

philly - i actually liked their pierre jackson pick. good value.

portland - steal with withey

lakers - i would have gone myck, cj leslie, or seth curry at this point. ryan kelly isn't a terrible pick though. very conservative pick, but i think he works well in MDA's system

detroit - steal with siva this far down

i passed out a few picks into the 2nd round. they need to make this thing move quicker.
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