Analysis of Possible Piston 2009 Draft Selections

Analysis of Possible Piston 2009 Draft Selections

Postby Piston Boris on Fri Jun 05, 2009 8:28 pm

From Full Court Press:

2009 NBA pre-draft combine final analysis
Posted by Dave Dial June 05, 2009 11:15AM

Both Draft Express and have their final analysis of the 2009 pre-draft combine up. First let's look at the Draft Express take on the combine results that mention possible Detroit Piston selections.

June 5, Draft Express:-Tyler Hansbrough's no step vertical leap of 28" is a pretty good indication of why he tends to have his shot blocked at the rim quite often. The same can be said about the likes of DeJuan Blair, Luke Harangody, and Taj Gibson. His lane agility time of 11.12 seconds and his ¾ court sprint time of 3.27 were consistent with the rest of the players at his position, though, if not slightly above average.

-Eric Maynor was in the same boat as Hansbrough, testing as well as you would expect him to, finishing slightly below average at his position across the board, tallying a bottom-10 max vertical leap of 31.5", but posting a respectable 10.78 lane agility time

-Rodrigue Beaubois Demar Derozan, and Chase Budinger all jumped well as expected, posting max verticals over 38". Joining them was Wayne Ellington, who on top of his surprising vertical leap, was above average in every category.

You can view the combine athleticism test results at here. also put out their final analysis, here is some excerpts of their take on players that are possible Piston selections.

June 5, Patty Mills, Jonny Flynn, Ty Lawson -- All three came in at 5'11 barefoot which puts them at the magical number for point guards as legit 6' footers in shoes. None of them have great length but they're all speed merchants who benefit from the new hand check rules allowing them to use space to get shots off. Flynn and Lawson each outweigh Mills by 20 lbs.
Gerald Henderson was another big surprise as he measured a legit 6'5 in shoes (6'4 barefoot) but his 6'10.25 wingspan and 8'6.5 standing reach are surprising and really help his cause.

DeJuan Blair measured just 6'5.25 without shoes making him just 6'6 (exactly what we had him listed at all season), but an amazing 7'2 wingspan and a standing reach of 8'10.5 gives him legitimate power forward size. His 1.5 inch standing reach advantage over Griffin almost doesn't seem possible...

Austin Daye's measurements weren't surprising considering how long he looks, but they were impressive. His standing reach of 9'2 is center worthy, explaining why he gets so many blocked shots despite his lack of explosiveness. At 6'9.75 barefoot and with a 7'2.5 wingspan, his length is impressive to say the least.

Earl Clark's length is downright scary. At 6'10 in shoes, Clark has a 7'2.5 wingspan and a 9'1.5 standing reach. Unlike Daye, Clark actually has strength and explosiveness to accompany his tremendous length. Clark appears to have the ability to put weight on without losing any of his mobility as well.

If Clark is there when Detroit selects at 15, Joe Dumars might be a happy man. Clark's measurements, sans some of his combine results, seem to lend credence to the hype he has in this years draft. Draft Express has Clark sliding to pick #19 and the Pistons selecting Austin Daye, while has Clark slipping all the way to pick #21 and the Pistons taking Jeff Teague.

As we get closer to the June 25th draft date, the mock drafts will be more clear. Stay tuned...
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