Chad Ford Talks Draft in Latest Chat (1/12)

Chad Ford Talks Draft in Latest Chat (1/12)

Postby JSM on Thu Jan 28, 2010 4:22 pm

Doug (Cincy) Other than John Wall (not realistic at this point) are there any players in next years draft that can help the Pacers immediately?

Chad Ford (1:47 PM) Wall is the only surefire star we've identified right now. But give it more time. Lots of intriguing prospects including Derrick Favors, Ed Davis, Evan Turner and Wesley Johnson. Remember, last year every GM was talking about the 2009 NBA Draft as a 1 star draft. But with the emergence of Tyreke Evans and Brandon Jennings ... and the recent stellar play of Stephen Curry ... it's looking better and better. But right now Wall is the only sure thing superstar.

Freddy (Los Angeles) Let's talk draft now: who is the better prospect amongst the following: Robbie Hummel, Kyle Singler, and Gordon Hayward?

Chad Ford (1:48 PM) Hayward is the only guy I'd take in the first round.

James (Detroit, MI) Who are your top 5 players in the draft as of now?

Chad Ford (1:48 PM) 1. John Wall2. Derrick Favors3. Ed Davis4. Evan Turner5. Wesley Johnson

Jon (NYC) This is shaping up as the weakest draft I can remember for PGs. Are there any other decent first round prospects at point besides Wall and Warren?

Chad Ford (1:51 PM) No. And I'm not even sure we can put Willie Warren in that position. Other than Wall the best point guard prospect in college basketball has been Jon Scheyer. But I'm not totally sold he's a NBA player.

Freddy (Los Angeles) Is Charles Garcia the biggest sleeper in this draft?

Chad Ford (1:52 PM) I don't think so. Lots of early hype. He's talented, but has a lot of issues and has leveled off a bit as the season has progressed. He's never cracked our Top 30 and I don't think he will.

Tom (Columbus, OH) Do you think Evan Turner has come back early enough in the season to re-claim his spot in the lottery of next years draft?

Chad Ford (1:53 PM) For sure. He looked a little rusty in his first game back, but looked really good versus Minnesota this weekend. Obviously teams are going to take a very close look at his MRIs when they do his physical. Back injuries are scary. But assuming everything checks out, he's a lock for a Top 5 pick and could go as high as No. 3.

John (Seattle) Do you see Klay Thompson rising up your draft board as the season goes on? I know he isn't a crazy athlete, but he can score in a lot of ways, and he's still very young.

Chad Ford (1:56 PM) Like him a lot. Reminds me a bit of Rip Hamilton. He's been a bit up and down, but he's probably a first rounder if he declares.

Danny (Dallas) Draft Question Chad... Now that the Longhorns are a #1 team, will Damion James finally get enough spotlight to increase his draft stock? He's injury free thus far, and is averaging a very strong double double while only being 6' 7". I understand he could be considered a tweener, but a lot can be said about willing yourself to succeed. I can see him as a Udonis Haslem type. What do you think?

Chad Ford (1:58 PM) I think teams like him, but no one loves him. He's a late first to early second round pick

Phil B (pdx) what do you think about demarcus cousins and where he will end up in the draft?

Chad Ford (2:00 PM) Think he's a Top 5 player in the draft on talent. But he scares everyone with his attitude. If I were him, I'd stay another year in college, prove I can be mature on and off the court and try the draft in 2011. If he declares this year, someone will for sure take him in the first round, maybe even the lottery, but he has the talent to go much higher.

Josh (Dallas) So how much is Ekpe Udoh's draft stock rising?

Chad Ford (2:01 PM) He cracked the lottery for the first time on our Big Board last week. Very interesting. A different player who doesn't fit any particular model.

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