Chad Ford Talks Draft in Latest Chat (1/19)

Chad Ford Talks Draft in Latest Chat (1/19)

Postby JSM on Thu Jan 28, 2010 4:31 pm

Adam (Wisconsin) In your opinion who is the most overated player in your top 20? Thanks

Chad Ford (1:50 PM) Solomon Alabi of Florida State. Most scouts and GMs rank 7 footers about 10 spots higher than they should be.

Adam (Wisconsin) Has Greg Monroe's stock fallen too far? His production is up significantly from last year. He may not be a great athlete but skilled big men with an clue how to play the game don't grow on trees. Is this a case of his game being nitpicked or do you think this is where his talent level is?

Chad Ford (1:51 PM) Probably. He's very talented. But his lack of explosive athleticism combined with a so-so motor are killers. One game he's dominant. The next one he's asleep. Not sure what to make of him. But he's no longer a Top 10 pick. The 20s may be too low though.

Greg (Toronto) Andy Rautins - NBA rotation player?

Chad Ford (1:52 PM) Normally I'd say no ... but heard a NBA GM last night who recently watched him live say he thought he'd be a second round pick.

Mark (Manila, Philippines) Who would you take first if you were a gm, Favors or Ed Davis?

Chad Ford (1:53 PM) That's the million dollar question Mark. Their first head to head match-up was a wash. Favors was in foul trouble. Davis' point guard couldn't get him the ball. Both guys are great athletes. Both are raw offensively. Favors gets a slight nod because he has a better NBA body.

Pete (Philly) Has Scottie Reynolds' far more efficient play risen his stock at all?

Chad Ford (1:54 PM) Yes. Just wrote about him today in my blog. He's not an explosive athlete and is kind of a tweener, but he's having a GREAT season at Villanova and is showing some intangibles that could make him a solid NBA player.

Vishu (West Chester) Is Eric Bledsoe a possible first rounder this year?

Chad Ford (1:57 PM) Yes. Maybe lottery. Just wrote about this too. For the past couple of weeks more and more NBA execs are saying that Bledsoe may be the second best point guard in the draft. He's obviously playing in John Wall's shadow, but he's a very good PG. A few GMs who saw the Florida-Kentucky game were blown away. He's super fast, strong, tough as nails and he can shoot the basketball. With so few great PGs in the draft, he's a major riser on our Big Board right now.

Paul S (Los Angeles) Where do you think Jeremy Lin goes? High second round or late first round?

Chad Ford (1:57 PM) Second round

Mike (Akron) If NCAA basketball had an MVP award it would have to go to Evan Turner right? Ohio State is such a different team with him in there.

Chad Ford (1:58 PM) If he keeps this up, I think he'll be the player of the year. Coming back early from a broken back injury and playing like this? Ridiculous. If his back checks out OK in NBA physicals, he's going to be a Top 4 pick in the draft. Love him.

Mike (CT) Stanley Robinson of Uconn....Lottery Pick?

Chad Ford (1:59 PM) Talent of a lottery pick? Yes. But lots of other issues to consider that could drop him into the mid first round.

Aaron (Richmond, VA) Manny Harris...any NBA future for him?

Chad Ford (1:59 PM) Second rounder.

Jon (Charlotte) Scheyer is getting some, and Singler is dropping because of his poor shooting, but do you think Mason Plumlee is Duke's best NBA prospect?

Chad Ford (1:59 PM) Yes. Next year he's going to get a lot of buzz. The kid has got some bounce.

Chris (Raleigh, NC) Does Trevor Booker sneak into late 1st round? I know he's undersized, but he's dominating the ACC.

Chad Ford (2:00 PM) Yes. He's the type of undersized power forward who has excelled in the league. I like him.

Jason (Lehi, UT) Jimmer Fredette?

Chad Ford (2:00 PM) Second rounder right now. Next year could possibly sneak into the first.

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