Chad Ford Talks Draft in Latest Chat (1/26)

Chad Ford Talks Draft in Latest Chat (1/26)

Postby JSM on Thu Jan 28, 2010 4:45 pm

Alvin (Cali) Here's a funny thought..if Minnesota lands the #1 pick this year and drafts Wall. Wall, Flynn, Rubio. this gm is really good!

Chad Ford (1:45 PM) Ummmm ... every GM in the league would take John Wall No. 1 right now -- regardless of who they have playing the point. In many cases Wall can co-exist with another guard and in others, they would just trade their other guard. Chris Paul is the most problematic ... but the chances of the Hornets winning the lottery are high. Can't fault David Kahn for drafting point guards last year on the 19 percent chance he could get Wall this year.

Ronan (Ringoes) If John Walls a 10, whos next and what are they?

Chad Ford (1:47 PM) All year we've been saying Derrick Favors. I still think Favors is a great prospect, but he hasn't been great this season. Most of it is his team's fault, not Favors. But still, he's not dominating the way we thought he would. I think that leaves an opening for Evan Turner, who, in my opinion, is the hands down college player of the year. He feels like the second coming of Brandon Roy to me. I think a handful of lottery teams would take him ahead of Wall.

Jon (DC) Hi Chad. I think Evan Turner is going to be a better NBA player than John Wall. Am I crazy?

Chad Ford (1:48 PM) He's a better basketball player right now. But he doesn't have Wall's crazy athleticism and therefore lacks the same upside. But Turner has been incredible this year and will go very, very high (2 to 4) on draft night.

Joe (CT) Any chance of Stanley Robinson being a late-lottery pick in this year's draft?

Chad Ford (1:49 PM) Yes. Based on his play this year he'd probably be Top 10. But given his history, that will hurt his draft stock a little unless teams are convinced that he's grown up.

Rich (Portland) How do you determine which players go where in your mock draft?

Chad Ford (1:51 PM) I'm talking to either execs or scouts from each team and trying to get their order. Now, it's early and undoubtedly the order will change. When it does, we'll update the mock draft. If I can't get a feel from a team, I try to make my own determination based on Big Board + team needs. But for the most part, the Mock Draft is reported piece, especially with the top teams.

Todd (Lexington) John Henson has been non existant for UNC so far have scouts turned their back on him yet?

Chad Ford (1:52 PM) Not completely ... but yes for this season. He needs to go back to school for his sophomore year.

paul (minnesota) where do you think cousins and patterson will land in this year's draft??

Chad Ford (1:53 PM) Lottery

JD (VA) Did you catch Wesley Johnson last night? He was everywhere, offensively and defensively. Why isn't he the undisputed #2 in this draft?

Chad Ford (1:54 PM) He's very good. But his age (he's already 22) and the fact that he doesn't quite possess a killer instinct hurt him a bit. He'll go somewhere between 2 and 6.

Carl (England) Using the mock draft/lottery tool and with a 0.6% chance the Hornets came first and took John Wall. Tell me, if this the Hornets get rid of Chris Paul?

Chad Ford (1:55 PM) I don't know. It was the toughest scenario I had to deal with. I do think they could play together, but they could trade the No. 1 and get a substantial haul in return or, I guess they could trade Paul. But as much as I love Wall as a prospect, I'm not sure he's Chris Paul.

Greg Monroe (Gtown) Did you forget about me?

Chad Ford (1:56 PM) No. I just don't know what to do with you. A very skilled big man with underwhelming athleticism and a motor that only revs high on occasion. That scares scouts. Really think Monroe needs to work on his explosiveness and play hard every night before he thinks about the draft.

Joe (New York) Where do you see Sherron Collins going in the draft?

Chad Ford (1:57 PM) Late first to early second

Reg (Bklyn, NY) Where will Eric Bledsoe land in the draft?

Chad Ford (1:57 PM) Late lottery to mid first

Glen ('Sota) Chad, do you think at this point its tier 1, Wall, tier 2 Turner, then a 3rd tier of 5 or so prospects in the 2010 Draft?

Chad Ford (1:59 PM) Wall is in a tier by himself. I'd put Turner and Favors in tier 2, though Favors might slip out of it. Wesley Johnson, Ed Davis, Al Farouq Aminu make up Tier 3. Maybe I'd put Cole Aldrich in Tier 3 too. Ditto for DeMarcus Cousins.

sportsguy33 (LAX) You never write about Cole Aldrich, why don't you like white people?

Chad Ford (2:01 PM) Thanks for the question Bill. I like how you've begun ranking guys based on one game. Is that why you were so high on Adam Morrison? Aldrich has been great the last 2 games. Before that ... not so much. He's seemed a little lost this year. Nevertheless, he's No. 6 on our Big Board -- in other words I have him ranked as the sixth best prospect in the World. So yeah, obviously I hate him.

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Re: Chad Ford Talks Draft in Latest Chat (1/26)

Postby noobiew on Thu Jan 28, 2010 9:43 pm

Haha, imagine Wolves obtained the right for the #1 pick, they will have John Wall, Ricky Rubio, Jonny Flynn, Ramon Sessions. They are stacked in the PG position.

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