Draft Express: Pre-Draft Camp--1st Impressions, Day 1

Draft Express: Pre-Draft Camp--1st Impressions, Day 1

Postby JSM on Tue Jun 06, 2006 5:44 pm

Draft Express: The players went through an hour and a half of drills and short 5 on 5 games. The players learned their team's very simple plays, and did one offense, one defensive possession in the five on five.

Here are a few players that caught our eyes so far. Keep in mind that there was not all that much to see in day one as the players were only here for an hour and a half. All five DraftExpress scouts will be reporting.

Jonathan Givony

Louis Amundson: From what I saw, Amundson got off to the best start of the pre-draft camp so far. He was incredibly active around the basket, pulling down numerous offensive rebounds, hedging quickly on the pick on roll on the perimeter, and just throwing his body around on every possession. He did more than just hustle, though, stepping out to hit a nice looking 15 footer (which comes as a surprise), and running the floor like a deer and throwing down a monster jam in transition. His aggressiveness will serve him very well here in Orlando if he can keep it up.

Bobby Brown: In the few possessions he was playing point in front of us, Brown knocked down some perimeter jump-shots (two from NBA range), airballed another shot and did a pretty good job

Darius Washington: Washington obviously came here to prove something, and did a good job beginning to separate himself from the pack early on with the way he played. A nice steal here, a strong offensive rebound there, a heady pass in transition, Washington is doing what he needs to so far to keep scouts interested. From his activity level He obviously understands the urgency involved, which is half the battle. He looked more interested in making the extra pass rather than look for his own shot, which is a good sign

Kenny Adeleke: Adeleke was extremely active and had a number of really nice moves in the post. When a missed shot came off the rim anywhere near his area, he was usually there to pull it down. He looks fired up and ready to go so far.

Bobby Jones: The perennial glue guy. Superb defensively, picking pockets, rebounding, passing unselfishly. Finishing inside off good feeds or an offensive rebound. Continuing his strong play from Portsmouth so far.

Carl Krauser: After a poor showing in last year’s camp, Carl Krauser came to show the scouts that he is a better player than that. He took the ball strong to the hole on a number of occasions, finishing either off the glass or with a pretty floater. Defensively he was active and as vocal as ever, getting in the passing lanes and firing himself and his teammates up after every stop. He fed his big guys in the post and showed excellent leadership skills throughout.
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