Draft Express: 4 Top Point Guards Work Out for Houston

Draft Express: 4 Top Point Guards Work Out for Houston

Postby JSM on Sat May 20, 2006 11:55 pm

Draft Express--Top Point Guards Work Out for Houston

The Houston Rockets had an interesting point guard only workout on Friday that has been generating plenty of buzz. The four players in attendance were Sophomores Rajon Rondo, Darius Washington and Daniel Gibson and Senior Randy Foye. Houston’s workouts have earned the reputation of being amongst the most grueling and physical in the NBA, and this one was apparently no exception. This was the first workout for all the players here except Randy Foye. Here are some of things we heard about coming out of the workout. All opinions expressed are those of the NBA sources we spoke with and not DraftExpress.

Randy Foye: The most “polished” of the bunch, Randy Foye probably had the best all-around workout when taking everything into consideration including outside shooting, defense, aggressiveness, physical attributes, ball-handling, rebounding and experience. Foye shot the ball very well, particularly off the dribble, and appears to be enjoying the fact that he is no longer the sole focus of every defense he goes up against like he was at Villanova. He measured out at 6-3 (down from the 6-4 he was listed at) with an NBA ready body. The biggest concern to come out of this workout was the fact that he showed that he is almost exclusively a shooting guard in terms of the skills he possesses, not a combo guard, and certainly not a point guard. This raises legitimate concerns about his potential to be a starter in the NBA, but no one doubts the fact that he will be a terrific rotation player. Teams drafting from 8-19 looking for an immediate scoring impact player will look very hard at Foye.

Daniel Gibson: There was not a significant gap between the best player in this workout and the 4th best, but Gibson is probably the one who would land in this spot if someone would be forced to rank them. Gibson’s biggest problem was the fact that he was extremely nervous to start things off, and therefore shot the ball poorly by his standards in the shooting drills. Defensively, he struggled a bit guarding the pick and roll, showing his inexperience in this area as well as his lack of defensive technique. Once the two on two matchups kicked off, his nerves began to wore off and he did a better job in the remainder of the workout, particularly on the defensive end. How impressive Gibson will look likely depends on how well he manages to shoot the ball. Indecisiveness has been a problem for him throughout the season, so he must continue to stay aggressive.

Rajon Rondo: Of the four players in attendance, Rondo showed the most potential of anyone as an NBA point guard. His athleticism measured out off the charts both in the agility testing and in the two on twos, where absolutely no one could stay in front of him defensively. His shooting was “much better than advertised” in the drills, something that comes as a big surprise to his detractors. Once the two on twos kicked off his shot reverted back to “the old Rondo,” and quickly lost confidence when forced to execute his shot off the dribble. The way he penetrated the lane and either finished creatively or found the open man makes up for this, though. Defensively, he was very good as expected. Despite his frail appearance at the moment, he has wiry strength and knows how to use it well. Measuring out at 6-2 was important for him, and his body looks like it will be grown into once he does some work on it and continues to mature physically. All in all he had an impressive workout, especially considering that this was only his first.

Darius Washington Washington was the biggest revelation of this workout relative to the expectations coming from the players coming in. He is clearly not in very good shape at the moment and needs to lose at least 10 pounds to help him out athletically, but still did a good job showing off his all-around talent. Washington was physical and extremely aggressive, competing very hard and giving everyone he matched up with a hard time. His shooting from the college 3-point line was excellent, and he showed very nice ball-handling skills throughout. He also did a good job getting his own shot in the two on twos, and knocked down almost every look he got. Towards the end of the competitive portion of the workout he injured his calf after landing on Gibson following an impressive dunk. He was not seriously hurt, but did not get to participate in the agility testing at the end. He measured out a bit shorter than expected, only 6-1.
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Postby MarkMadsen on Sun May 21, 2006 9:25 am

i hope Rajon Rondo falls to us.
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Postby KB24 on Sun May 21, 2006 9:54 am

MarkMadsen wrote:i hope Rajon Rondo falls to us.

I HIGHLY doubt but I would like to trade up and somehow get him.
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Postby Aike on Sun May 21, 2006 11:08 am

KB8@CL wrote:
MarkMadsen wrote:i hope Rajon Rondo falls to us.

I HIGHLY doubt but I would like to trade up and somehow get him.

I'm tellin' ya, he's a freak of nature who cannot be guarded one on one. If he ever gets his shooting woes worked out, he will be flat unstoppable.

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Postby halekulani on Sun May 21, 2006 11:00 pm

MarkMadsen wrote:i hope Rajon Rondo falls to us.

rondo is gone in the first 10.
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