Ford: Draft Buzz (6/25, 6:40 PM EST)

Ford: Draft Buzz (6/25, 6:40 PM EST)

Postby JSM on Thu Jun 25, 2009 3:46 pm

Chad Ford of ESPN wrote:• Looks like the Grizzlies are still searching for a trade partner and if they don't find it … it will be Hasheem Thabeet.

• The Thunder are sending mixed signals with people in Ricky Rubio's camp, thinking Rubio is going No. 3 and people in James Harden's camp thinking Harden is going No. 3. Stephen Curry seems out of the mix. Thabeet is there too if he's on the board.

• The Kings were debating still between Tyreke Evans, Ricky Rubio and Jonny Flynn … with things leaning Evans' way at the moment.

• The Wolves were still trying to get to No. 2 to take Thabeet, not Ricky Rubio. Memphis wants Evans and Kevin Love if they do the deal. That may be a problem if the Kings take Evans.

• The Warriors were talking to the Suns about a deal with Amare Stoudemire that would have them giving up the No. 7. If they keep it, they probably take Jordan Hill. But James Johnson is a wild card and Curry still a possibility.

• The Knicks are praying either Jordan Hill or Curry fall to No. 8. For it to happen, Flynn and Harden need to crack the Top 6. If they don't they'll likely take UCLA's Jrue Holiday.

• Seems like DeMar DeRozan is still a little ahead in Toronto

• Bucks are torn between Flynn, Jennings and Holiday but Jennings remains in the lead.

• With the Nets trading for Courtney Lee, I think that seals the deal for Terrence Williams in New Jersey.

• Michael Jordan may get his way and get Johnson of Wake Forest ahead of Duke's Gerald Henderson.

• Indiana will likely take Holiday if he falls. If he doesn't, I think it's Ty Lawson in a narrow win over Eric Maynor and Tyler Hansbrough.

• Phoenix? They are a tough read right now but I'm hearing Earl Clark. But B.J. Mullens and Johnson are in the mix. So are Hansbrough and Henderson.

• The Pistons like Earl Clark, Austin Daye and Mullens , but look for them to take Daye.
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