Ford: Late Round Buzz

Ford: Late Round Buzz

Postby JSM on Sat Jun 19, 2010 10:03 pm

Chad Ford of ESPN wrote:The Nets sponsored workouts last week with a number of first-round bubble players and second-round picks. Representatives from 23 teams showed up, but the quality of talent at the workouts couldn't keep all of them for the entire three days.

While no one dramatically improved his draft stock, a few players seemed to have helped themselves a bit according to NBA execs and scouts that were in the gym. Here's a look at who got some buzz, both good and bad.

Dexter Pittman
Pittman has always been a favorite of GMs. He has a ton of talent, soft hands and good athleticism. The question has always been his conditioning. In New Jersey, he drew repeated praise for how hard he worked. I get the sense that GMs want to find a way to take this guy. If they get him in the right conditioning program, he could be a monster down the road.

Jon Scheyer
Scheyer had missed the past few weeks (including the draft combine) battling mono. So, despite being a four-year senior, he was a fresh face for many NBA GMs on the workout circuit. He didn't disappoint. Scheyer, unsurprisingly, shot the lights out and showed to be a better athlete than he's given credit for. I still doubt he'll crack the first round, but there are enough GMs that like him that I think he'll hear his name called somewhere in the second round.

Darington Hobson
Hobson wasn't loved by everyone there, but a number of NBA GMs seem to think he could be an unusual player in the league. An Internet report over the weekend claiming Hobson had multiple promises in the first round is not true according to his agent, Michael Hodges. But Hobson does have a real shot at the first round if he finds the right team.

Ben Uzoh
The Tulsa combo guard didn't get an invite to the combine, but he has played well in workouts and repeated that performance in the New Jersey workout.

"He's got the athleticism to make it and I think he's got some real toughness to him," one NBA exec at the workouts. "He's very intriguing as a second-round pick."

Sherron Collins
Collins has been battling injuries to his groin and hand since the combine. That's limited what he can do, and as a result, he seems to have fallen badly out of shape. Collins weighed 217 pounds at the combine, which is a lot for a player that doesn't crack 6-feet. In New Jersey he weighed a whopping 229. He gained 12 pounds in less than three weeks. Collins struggled with weight issues his whole college career, and it's going to hurt his draft stock. Every GM in the league thinks he has talent, but all of them are concerned he'll lack the discipline to stay in the shape he needs to excel in the league. If he were 6-10 like Pittman, I think GMs would look the other way. But at 5-10, I'm not sure.

Stanley Robinson
We chronicled in May how nerves sometimes get the best of Robinson. That's been a recurring theme in workouts. Teams love his physical tools, but it sounds like Robinson has been struggling with his nerves and his jump shot. It may not be fatal to his draft stock, given his explosive athletic ability and the fact that he's a good kid and a hard worker, but he's yet to really help himself.
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Re: Ford: Late Round Buzz

Postby halekulani on Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:08 pm

i think scheyer is definitely better than people give him credit for
good shooting stroke and has the ability to block shots decently, as showcased in the ncaa championship game
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