Hoops Report: Chatter -- Fredette, Brooks Shine in Workout

Hoops Report: Chatter -- Fredette, Brooks Shine in Workout

Postby JSM on Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:41 am

Ryan Feldman of The Hoops Report wrote:There were two incredibly important NBA Draft workouts on Wednesday with large lottery implications: Jimmer Fredette vs. Kemba Walker in Utah and Marshon Brooks vs. Alec Burks in Charlotte.

Fredette and Walker guarded each other in Utah, while Brooks and Burks guarded each other in Charlotte.

According to sources at both workouts, both matchups were rather lopsided.

A source at the Utah Jazz workout told me Jimmer Fredette was the best player in the workout and that Kemba Walker had trouble guarding him. The source also said that Fredette shot the ball really well and Walker didn't shoot well at all.

Multiple sources at the Charlotte Bobcats workout told me Marshon Brooks easily won his matchup and had his way with Burks. The sources said it really wasn't even all that close. Brooks apparently also had an impressive dunk on Burks at one point in the workout.

Both of these developments on Wednesday are essential for how the NBA Draft will play out next week.

Brooks was originally thought to be a candidate for the Bobcats at No. 19, but with his impressive showing could he now be a serious candidate at No. 9? He also worked out in Chicago in front of representatives from the Milwaukee Bucks on Sunday. Could the Bucks, who draft at No. 10, be interested in Brooks as well?

It's incredible how much Brooks' draft stock has improved since the NBA Draft process has begun. After the college basketball season ended, Brooks was originally thought to be a late 1st or early 2nd round pick.

Fredette and Walker were both in contention for the No. 12 pick. If the Jazz were to draft Enes Kanter or Derrick Williams at No. 3, they would almost certainly be considering Fredette and Walker at No. 12, as long as they were available. Now that Fredette apparently overshadowed Walker in Wednesday's workout, it's likely the Jazz would draft Jimmer over Kemba if both were still on the board.

But it's not just about No. 12. If the Jazz really want Jimmer, which is likely after his impressive showing on Wednesday and with his popularity in the state of Utah, they may not be able to get him at No. 12. He could go in the top 10. Would the Jazz really consider him at No. 3? That's unlikely, but they may have to at least think about it. Or would the Jazz need to trade up from No. 12 to get Jimmer?

Or maybe they'll be happy enough with Enes Kanter, Derrick Williams or Brandon Knight at No. 3 that they'll just hope Jimmer is available at No. 12.
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