NBA Draft Day - Draft Buzz

NBA Draft Day - Draft Buzz

Postby JSM on Thu Jun 24, 2010 11:23 am

Aran Smith of NBA wrote:Nets Considering Tiny Gallon at 31

6'9 Oklahoma freshman Tiny Gallon could be headed to New Jersey. The Nets only have one second round pick and could take Gallon at their pick. Another scenario would be buying or dealing a future second(s) for a mid-second rounder to grab him.

OKC TargetingTibor Pleiss

7-foot-1 German bigman Tibor Pleiss has long been rumored to be a target for Oklahoma City GM Sam Presti at the 26th pick. The lastest rumor is that he is considering taking him as high as 18 because he's afraid San Antonio and former boss RC Buford will take him at 20. Pleiss shows a soft touch and great length at 7-foot. Though not the most athletic bigman, Pleiss can run the floor and has good fluidity. He is a strong candidate to leave in Europe for another year or two of seasoning and keep off the books until he's completely ready to contribute.

Detroit Still Debating Monroe/Davis

Joe Dumars apparently made a conditional promise to Ed Davis at 7, however he was under the impression that Greg Monroe would be gone at 7. Now with a good chance that Monroe will be there, he's got a decision to make. We're hearing it could be either of the two, but whichever goes 7 the other is likely to go 9 to Utah.

Derrick Favors to New Jersey

It appears what we initially reported is true. The smoke screen that New Jersey attempted to put on Minnesota that they were going to take Wesley Johnson didn't work. The T-Wolves called their bluff and were willing to take Derrick Favors if he fell to them. It is now said to be a 90% chance the Nets will go with Favors at 3.
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