Piston.com 2009 NBA Draft Chat Transcript, Part 2

Piston.com 2009 NBA Draft Chat Transcript, Part 2

Postby Piston Boris on Thu Jun 25, 2009 11:14 pm

Continued from Part 1

10:00 [Comment From Chris] Could Samb be on his way back to Detroit to fill our needed backup bigs?

10:00 I expect Samb to play in Europe next year.

10:00 [Comment From Adam] do you think danny green is still an option even though we drafted Daye who may have a chance to play the 3 in the NBA (even though he is most likely a 4)?

10:01 Yeah, I think Green doesn't really duplicate Daye. Green is a 2-3, Daye a 3-4.

10:01 [Comment From Sable] Deron Washington quietly impressed me in last year's summer league. He just seemed to make the right plays and stuck his nose into the action for rebounds and what not. Have you seen or heard any reports on his progress overseas?

10:01 He had a very good year in Israel. I think he goes to Las Vegas in a few weeks with a spot on the roster to lose. In other words, the Pistons would like to see him stick next year if he shows them enough.

10:02 [Comment From Josh] Do you think we will see a trade involving the Pistons tonight?

10:02 I think there's a chance. Lots of activity around the league, more than usual, I was told.

10:02 [Comment From Scott] Gibson is now off the board.

10:02 [Comment From Steven] What does Dumars think of Blair? Would he take him, or is he scared by the knee injuries? And if he does like him, might he be trying to trade up and get him right now?

10:03 I know there was legit concern about Blair's knees with the Pistons, but picking at 35 is different than picking at 15. I'm not saying they'd take him, but the risk just isn't the same. For one thing, you're not talking about a two-year guaranteed deal in the second round.

10:04 [Comment From Cody] what about summers? if he is available at 35 would the pistons be interested?

10:04 Yeah, I think Summers would definitely draw strong consideration if he's there at 35. Shoulda put him in the poll.

10:04 [Comment From Shawn] Do you think the 35th pick in this years draft is a better place to be then our 29th pick in last years draft?

10:05 That's an interesting question, Shawn. The PIstons' staff thought the quality was pretty good in the 2nd this year.

10:05 [Comment From Chris] Can you say hi to my wife Larissa? She's a big fan of yours

10:05 Helloooo, Larissa.

10:05 [Comment From Justin] Whose better right now Green or Daye? how bout Wayne Ellington?

10:05 Interesting, Chad Ford's mock draft today on ESPN.com had Green going before Ellington. That surprised me.

10:06 Memphis took DeMarre Carroll ... that was another one I think the Pistons would have taken a long, hard look at with the 35th pick.

10:06 [Comment From Allen] Did the Pistons have any interest at all in moving up to select Terrence Williams? He's an awesome player and would've been the best back up for tayshaun.

10:06 Not in moving up. They liked him, but, again, they were really focused on the frontcourt.

10:07 [Comment From Brandon] How come arnie couldn't beef up amir johnson?

10:08 He did ... Amir added about 25 pounds or so while he was here. The problem with Amir is he just didn't have the base - the posterior and the thighs - to hold his position. Worst case for Daye, if he doesn't bulk up enough to handle power forward, he has small forward skills.

10:08 [Comment From Eric] So I'm curious... is there any buzz about Eric Devendorf at all? I just remember seeing him with Syracuse a little bit and thinking that he could be fairly solid, especially as a backup

10:08 No. Devendorf is very unlikely to be drafted.

10:08 [Comment From Josh] Is there anything on Allen Iverson!?

10:08 Nothing new. Probably going to sign with Charlotte.

10:09 [Comment From Ryan] If Blair is there at 35, I think we HAVE to take him...He is one of the best rebounders in the draft!

10:09 [Comment From Rick] There's been talk of Chicago trading Heinrich, if so do you think they would be more hard pressed to resign BG?

10:10 If they trade Hinrich, they might then have enough money to give Gordon the type of deal he wants. If they can't unload Hinrich - to a team with cap space, so they don't have to take back any or nearly as much money - then signing Gordon becomes pretty unlikely.

10:10 [Comment From jason from flatrock] what about wayne ellington?

10:10 If he's there at 35, he'd draw consideration, that's for sure. Cant' say for sure they'd take him. They might again be targeting the frontcourt.

10:11 [Comment From Ryan] ESPN was just talking about Summers and Blair saying they are the top 2 prospects left at this point...you agree?

10:11 Two of the best, at least.

10:11 Ellington just went to Minnesota.

10:13 [Comment From Adam] do you think Dumars is willing to carry three rookies on the roster next year? that seems like a lot seeing that our team has routinely disregarded rookies for as long as I can remember

10:13 More likely two of this year's four draft picks. If Washington sticks, that would still make three rookies.

10:13 [Comment From Justin] Wasn't Demarre Carrol one of the players the Pistons were gonna get in the second round?

10:14 They liked him, not sure they would have taken him at 35, but they liked him.

10:14 [Comment From ken] Does not taking a guard have to do with us signing Gordon

10:14 It might have played a factor, but Joe D can't be sure Gordon will sign with the Pistons.

10:15 [Comment From Guest] Darko got traded to the Knicks

10:16 He might just fit with D'Antoni's system.

10:16 [Comment From Josh Taiwan] How about another poll right before the 35th with whoever's left?

10:16 I'll give it a try. But the picks come so fast now, it's pretty tough.

10:16 [Comment From RJ] That 11 million rumor that the Pistons "promised" Gordon seems awfully steep. I think he should be around 9or10 million. What is your opinion?

10:17 Take that with a huge grain of salt. I'm pretty sure it will be closer to 9 than 11 if they offer him.

10:17 [Comment From Adam] Do we know if Trent Plaisted & Deron Washington will be on the Vegas summer league this year?

10:18 Yup, along with Walter Sharpe. Will Bynum also wants to play. Have to assume Daye will be there as well as any second-rounders with the possible exception of Euro players.

10:18 [Comment From Bill Laimbeer] D'antoni is intrigued by Darko, thinks he can mold him into something

10:18 [Comment From Josh Taiwan] toney douglas to the lakers. BOO LAKERS!

10:18 That's the pick they sold to the Knicks, so that's where he's headed. Another shooter for D'Antoni.

10:19 [Comment From Justin] Does Walter Sharpe have a chance at earning some minutes this year?

10:19 A big summer for him. He needs to prove he belongs.

10:19 [Comment From Guest] what do the pistons think of chase ballindger

10:19 Another name to remember. He's a little soft, but he's athletic and he can shoot.

10:20 I'll give you another name that is still on the board -- Sam Young.

10:21 [Comment From Dan] Do trades often get announced during the draft, if it involves a pick? Do you see the Pistons announcing one during the second round?

10:21 They wait until the end of the first round to announce any trades.

10:21 [Comment From Shawn] WOW i totally forgot about chase budinger, hes still available! would they pick him, hes definitely a top 11-20 talent in this draft

10:21 [Comment From Alex] We need to move up to get Blair. That much talent this late in the draft is about to get swallowed up. He could have a huge upside if his knees end up being alright.

10:22 [Comment From bill] sam young is ready to play now

10:22 [Comment From Guest] where do you see rasheed going? i hear rumors of orlando or cleveland...

10:22 Cleveland, maybe San Antonio


10:24 Check the new poll and vote fast

10:24 [Comment From Guest] At least if you don't have an ACL...You can't tear it!

10:25 Touche .. the concern is that the ACL stabilizes the knee and without one, you'll do damage to other parts, cartilage and such.

10:25 [Comment From Justin] Pistons should definately draft Sam young. He played on a great team, was a proven leader, and was one the candidates for the Naismith trophy. How could we pass him up?

10:26 I think that would be a pretty good pick, too, except he is strictly a 3 and Joe D has said he likes to draft guys who can play more than one position. The other thing about Young is he's only 6 months younger than LeBron James and James has played in the NBA for six years. Young's 24 already.

10:26 [Comment From Glenn] Are you sticking around for round 2?

10:27 We're keeping the chat going through the Pistons' three picks, then I'm going to start blogging. So check back on Pistons.com later tonight ... or tomorrow morning, if you need to get to bed.

10:27 [Comment From Matt] Look. Antonio had knee problems before he came to the Pistons. Arnie Kander went to work on them and look where he is now. All I'm trying to say is, Blair will be a beast if Kander can work his magic on those knees.

10:27 [Comment From John] Summers or Blair if both are available Keith? I say Summers.

10:27 [Comment From RJ] Blair would be a sick steal, especially if the knee problems turn out to be nothing.

10:27 [Comment From Cody] Dajuan Summers! he is the complete package. he's an interior threat and can shoot the three. he's also pretty clutch. what's the downside?

10:27 [Comment From pete] cant believe D. Blair slipped so far down...what players do you think the Pistons are looking at now?

10:28 We'll see. If they want a big guy, maybe Jeff Pendergraph or Derrick Brown or Jon Brockman.

10:29 [Comment From roniee] have any players played with out ACL's

10:29 Somebody told me this week that Pittsburgh WR Hines Ward has the same condition.

10:29 [Comment From Chain] Just curious, how many people are actually reading this chat?

10:29 No idea. We'll get numbers tomorrow, but I know the comments are coming in hot and heavy.

10:30 [Comment From Josh Taiwan] Christian Eyenga???

10:30 Freaky athlete, I've heard.

10:30 [Comment From Tyler] NO to Blair and Young...they are a) short b) old c) not athletic d) all of the above

10:30 [Comment From Gordon] since the wiz have the 32nd pick do you see them maybe taking Blair?

10:31 Washington has a lot of depth everywhere now, so they can take anything. They might be looking to take someone they can stash overseas.

10:31 [Comment From Fletcher] A lot of mocks have Blair in the lottery and now he is in the second round

10:31 I thought he could go as high as 13.

10:31 [Comment From Sable] Blair is productive though. I don't know that you can pass that sort of production up in the second round.

10:32 [Comment From Silas] Is Daye a second round material normally?

10:32 I don't think so. MIght have gone 10 spots lower in the last few drafts.

10:32 There goes Pendergraph, first pick of the 2nd to Sacto.

10:33 [Comment From Matt] Why didn't we go after Taj Gibson?! He's everything Joe D wanted. Size, Strength, Scoring and Rebounding.

10:33 At 15? He could be a good player but he's a non-factor offensively.

10:34 Pendergraph is going from Sacto to Portland, which gives up 38 and Sergio Rodriguez

10:34 [Comment From Silas] Gibson is just skinny

10:35 That too ... He's 213 and can't play on the perimeter.

10:35 But at this point in the draft, any big man is going to have some serious holes. You have to look at what they can do well and hope that translates into a role player.

10:35 [Comment From Steven] DeJuan Blair would be perfect for the Wizards here. They need frontcourt depth after that trade, and Blair gives them the toughness they lack. What a steal he would be for them.

10:35 [Comment From Archie] I feel bad for Blair, but it would be awesome if pistons got him at 35

10:36 [Comment From AJ] how long do you get between picks in the second round?

10:36 Supposed to be 2 minutes ... but that was a long two minutes.

10:36 [Comment From Matt] Gibson averaged 14.3 ppg. Daye averaged 12.7. Non-factor offensively huh?

10:37 Dunks and put-backs ... that's going to be tougher for him to do in the NBA. If you could project college stats to the NBA, then Adam Morrison would be an All-Star.

10:37 [Comment From Retnep] Who needs to gain more weight, Thabeet or Daye?

10:37 Daye, easy. Thabeet doesn't have a bad frame.

10:38 Thabeet weighed in at 267 at the combine.

10:38 [Comment From Randy Texas pistons fan] Keith are you a hair club member? LOL just trying to get you to post one of my questions

10:38 I'm gray, not bald.

10:38 [Comment From Alex] Allright Keith, only two picks in front of us. Who's the top three left and who would you take?

10:39 Summers, Blair, Jerebko, Thornton, Young, Budinger ...

10:40 [Comment From John] Summers > Blair

10:41 Austin Daye is talking to reporters right now ... I'll give you some highlights ... He's talking about playing against stronger players. He says he uses his abilities and turns it into something other than a physical wrestling match. Says Prince was one of his favorite players when he was growing up and will attach himself to Prince and learn from him. ... Says it doesn't matter to him if he plays 3 or 4, wherever the Pistons want to play him ... "whatever it takes to get on the floor" ...

10:42 More from Daye ... Damian James of Texas, Josh Heytvelt, Taj Gibson were players who worked out with him on the day he came to see the Pistons. ...

10:43 Did Portland and Denver pick yet? Fill me in ... we were talking to Daye

10:43 [Comment From Gordon] Austin Daye has a really strong confidence in suceeding in the NBA. Is this all just talk or do you think he can be the real deal

10:44 He was very well-spoken, I'll give him that. Joe D said he was focused more than ever on strong character in this draft. Daye sounds like he's got his head on straight - very impressive for a 20-year old kid.

10:44 [Comment From Adam] Portland took Cunningham and Denver took Llull.

10:45 DaJuan Summers ... that's a great value pick at 35.

10:45 [Comment From Bill Laimbeer] summers it is

10:46 [Comment From Ryan] SUMMERS!!!

10:46 [Comment From Eric] Yes! ! ! !

10:46 [Comment From Joshua] its going to be a beautiful Summers Daye tomorrow

10:46 Nice

10:46 [Comment From big ace] pistons should select the kid Greivis Vasquez from maryland if he hasnt withdrawn his name from the draft

10:47 He withdrew

10:47 [Comment From Adam] Not too bad. Another great wingspan guy.

10:47 The Pistons do seem to like players with wing spans that are on the top end for their height

10:47 [Comment From Steven] Wow, Chad Ford's mock nailed both of the Pistons picks so far

10:47 That's why I pay more attention to that mock than any other. Ford's and Draft Express are the ones to watch.

10:48 [Comment From AJ] for sure keith, and we could still get blair at 39

10:48 Wouldn't that be wild?

10:48 [Comment From Shawn] Do we go for a guard next?

10:49 Maybe. If there was a solid big man left, I'd lean that way, but with Gibson and Pendergraph gone, I'm not sure there's one that is tempting. But Blair is easily the best rebounder left in the draft - maybe the best rebounder in the draft, period.

10:49 [Comment From Josh Taiwan] Is Summers really 6-9?

10:49 6-foot-8 1/2 at the combine in shoes.

10:49 [Comment From Toby] Can Summers play at 2? or we'll end up having too many SFs

10:49 I think he's more of a 3 but could play some 4 ... I think 2 would be a stretch

10:50 [Comment From bob] so excited that prince is finally going to have two potential backups that can play, he deserved those first two picks

10:50 [Comment From Mark B] i hope it will be a Green Summers Daye tomorrow! lol!

10:50 Nice. Danny Green would be a real nice pickup at 39.

10:50 Derrick Brown is still out there ... that would be one to watch at 39

10:51 [Comment From Adam] Blair is gone to SA. Nice.

10:51 [Comment From RJ] Well, there goes Blair.

10:51 [Comment From Guest] Summers isn't that bad of a 3 point shooter either

10:52 Saw him some at G'town early in the season and thought he looked great and filed him away in the back of my mind as a guy who the Pistons would like if they were picking in the mid 20s as I expected them to be. Then, late in the season, he and the team faded badly. But at 35? A nice pick. Talked to George David about him earlier this week and, while George doesn't tip his hand, he said some nice things about him.

10:52 [Comment From Fletcher] who would've thought that Sam Young and DeJuan Blair would both slip to the second round?

10:53 [Comment From Kylekkjk] Danny Green would be nice right now

10:53 [Comment From Eric] I think that is a good pick for Spurs. I was hoping he was still there for the Pistons to keep or use as trade.

10:53 [Comment From Jeremy] gimme budringer

10:53 [Comment From Tyler] Glad Blair is gone. We already have one short PF who gets rebounds...we don't need two...

10:53 [Comment From Daniel] Well SA must be laughing with glee.

10:53 [Comment From Devin] Hey Keith, I was wondering where is the pistons draft room...is it in new york or in detroit? And who is allowed in there?

10:54 It's right here where I'm at in the Pistons practice facility -- on the other side of the playing surface. It's just Joe D and his staff -- Scott Perry, George David, Tony Ronzone, Doug Ash, Durand Walker, maybe one or two other people and the coaches.

10:54 [Comment From Adam] There goes Brockman. We need a rebounder.

10:54 [Comment From Glenn] Let's see Patty Mills!

10:55 [Comment From big ace] jack mcclinton maybe

10:55 [Comment From John] Danny Green and AJ Price would be ideal.

10:55 [Comment From Mark B] green green green green...

10:55 [Comment From Archie] ok who do we pick at 39

10:57 Budinger would give them a 3-point shooter. What about Marcus Thornton of LSU? Not sure if they see Derrick Brown of Xavier as being big enough to play the 4 and another 3/4 probably wouldn't be the way they'd go. Green is probably a 3 to start with and they've got Daye and Summers already. I don't see another big guy out there who's ready to play. Maybe a Euro big man project?

10:57 [Comment From keebler_kahn] is marcus thornton still available?....if so he could be good at #39

10:57 [Comment From Alex] What about Patty Mills or Nick Calathes? Joe could stash them overseas for a few years

10:57 [Comment From Shawn] green, budinger, or thorton would be ideal

10:58 Jonas Jerebko. I know the Pistons thought he would be gone late in the first round. So I have to think they just got great value there. He's in New York, so I expect that's a good sign that he'll be in Las Vegas for Summer League.

10:59 Jerebko supposedly played very well at the recent Eurocamp in Treviso, Italy. He's supposedly a very skilled small forward.

10:59 [Comment From TDP] Jerebko? How "Swede" it is...

11:00 [Comment From Shawn] i actually like the pick

11:00 [Comment From Greg] Could Jodie Meeks go at 44?

11:00 Three frontcourt players so far, so I would expect a guard at 44 ... either a PG or a 3-point specialist. Meeks would be one under consideration, but I think Thornton would go ahead of him.

11:00 [Comment From Joshua] whats the last pick that the pistons have?

11:00 44

11:00 [Comment From Sebastian] What are the chances of seeing Jerebko as our backup small forward?

11:01 We'll have a better idea after Las Vegas ... or in a few minutes. I expect Joe D to talk about his plans for the rooks after he makes the pick at 44.

11:01 [Comment From Jared] another small forword. WHY?

11:01 [Comment From Gordon] maybe too many sf's now?

11:01 [Comment From Glenn] Do you think we'd bring him over or stash him?

11:02 Gonna ask

11:02 [Comment From Mark B] no, green will go at 44

11:02 [Comment From Shawn] no chance of danny green at 44?

11:03 He'd be great value, but it depends if they think they're a little too stacked at that spot now ... If Daye is more of a 3 initially, then they have 3 small forwards so far ... but I think they believe all 3 of these guys can play either forward spot

11:03 [Comment From Retnep] What does two SF say about W.Sharpe's future? If he has an average Summer League, does he come back to Detroit?

11:03 He'd going to have to work his tail off this summer.

11:04 [Comment From Randy Texas pistons fan] Can you say Europe ...

11:04 [Comment From Marko] brown to charlote

11:04 [Comment From Jeremy] BUDRINGER

11:04 [Comment From Alex] Green, Thornton, Calathes, Mills

11:04 [Comment From Eric] Pistons are loaded at SF they shouldn't have a problem with a back up for Prince.

11:05 [Comment From joe] there goes meeks

11:05 [Comment From Sable] Calathes signed with a Euro team right?

11:05 Yes, in Athens. But an NBA team that picks him will hold his rights for whenever he's ready to come back.

11:06 [Comment From Adam] I would love Mills at 44.

11:06 [Comment From Marko] How about Calathes or Mills for 44

11:06 [Comment From Adam] It seems like Calathes would be a great one to stash overseas

11:06 [Comment From Chuck E] Did Kwame go to another team?

11:06 No, still hasn't declared if he's going to pick up his option for next season. The thinking is he will.

11:06 [Comment From Eric] Now the Pistons I think need a SG who can score or shoot. Get big men thru free agency.

11:07 [Comment From Shawn] budinger qualifies as a 2 guard right?

11:07 2/3

11:07 [Comment From Chuck E] Keith who is the top free agent yuo expect in a pistons uniform? For soem reason I think Lee would be a good fit.

11:07 Gordon is most likely, in my view

11:07 [Comment From Blake] I assume that Jerebko was about even talent wise with Green, Brown, etc and I think that if you are in that position you need to take the American player who has played the American game- not the international game that may not translate

11:08 Doesn't matter where they come from these days ... if they can play, they can play

11:08 [Comment From Sable] If Jonas Jerbko sticks, any chance we'll see the Sweedish bikini team at Piston games?

11:08 Jagermeister night! Hey, that's the second Jager reference of the night.

11:08 [Comment From Adam] Beverly just went.

11:09 [Comment From Marko] Meeks to Bucks, Beverly to Lakers!

11:09 [Comment From Chuck E] Budinger remids me of the guy that palyed for Phonex, Dan somthing?

11:09 Thunder Dan Majerle, the pride of Traverse City

11:09 [Comment From Joshua] who would have ever thought that the Pistons would have a sweedish player, they must have gotten help from the Red Wings for that one...

11:09 He'll help the Pistons' power play

11:10 [Comment From John] How about Dionte Christmas? Didn't he workout for the Pistons?

11:10 [Comment From Victoria Johnson] Out of the 3 picks, who clicks the best with the team personality wise??

11:11 Don't know enough about 'em yet. Daye was very well-spoken and earnest when he was on a conference call.

11:11 [Comment From Greg] Are we looking for a shooter at 44?

11:11 Could be

11:11 [Comment From Adam] I could see De Colo here as well.

11:11 He or Mills are the two foreign PGs left

11:12 [Comment From Cam] Being a Pistons fan and an Australian I want Mills!!

11:12 [Comment From Kylekkjk] or a 4/5 player for more front court presence?

11:12 [Comment From Archie] I'm gonna laugh if we get green

11:12 [Comment From jake] I loved Christmas in college, kid's game was tight

11:13 [Comment From beckett1914] thornton to miami

11:13 [Comment From Chuck E] what is greens best assest?

11:13 His best asset is that he doesn't have a real weakness ... no overriding strength, but no big hole in his game, either.

11:14 [Comment From Alex] Green can shoot and play d!

11:14 [Comment From Chuck E] Dan Merjle clone?

11:14 [Comment From Jeremy] THANK YOU

11:14 [Comment From Mark B] NO! why not green!!

11:15 [Comment From Adam] Budinger. Wery Nice.

11:16 [Comment From Chuck E] Keith what are your quick grade assesment of the draft for the pistons?

11:17 I think all 3 of those guys are good enough to play in the NBA ... at some point. We'll be talking to Joe D again in a few minutes and we'll ask what he thinks for next year about these guys playing in Europe. My guess is Summers will have a chance to stay here with Jerebko and Budinger probably ticketed for overseas. But if Budinger shows he can play well enough to stay on the floor, his 3-point ability might win him a spot.

11:17 [Comment From Alex] nbadraft.net had all four of these guys in the first round

11:18 [Comment From Jared] great picks

11:18 [Comment From Bill Laimbeer] jonas is on espn chat right now, are we gonna see all these picks in detroit tomorrow?

11:18 I don't know. We'll find out later.

11:18 [Comment From wally j] Why would the Pistons pick 4 Foward

11:18 I think they believe the first 3 can play both forward spots and Budinger can play shooting guard

11:19 [Comment From Adam] Usually a pretty good predictor of NBA productivity, Rivals rated all of our American picks as 5-stars out of high school. (Buddinger #4 overall and Summers #23 in 2006; Daye #25 in 2007).

11:19 Interesting.

11:19 [Comment From Mark B] not green in cleveland!!

11:21 Guys, I'm about ready to wrap up the chat. We're going to talk to either Joe Dumars of VP Scott Perry in a minute, then I'm coming back to blog. You can check back in a while. I'm hearing that the Pistons might have a trade in the works that will send Budinger to Houston. Let you know in the blog.

11:22 [Comment From Joel] chad fords comments: The Pistons are having quite a draft. Joe Dumars has to feel pretty good about getting DaJuan Summers, Jonas Jerebko and Budinger in the second round. All three of those guys were rated as first-round picks on our Big Board. Budinger is a good athlete and can shoot the lights out -- but I'm not sure how four rookies make the team.

11:23 Close
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