Pistons.com 2009 NBA Draft Chat Transcript, Part 1

Pistons.com 2009 NBA Draft Chat Transcript, Part 1

Postby Piston Boris on Thu Jun 25, 2009 11:15 pm

Live 2009 NBA Draft Chat

6:55 Hey everyone, welcome to draft night. We've already had an eventful past few hours with Shaq heading to Cleveland and Vince Carter reportedly going to Orlando. Keith will be with us momentarily, send in your questions.

7:03 Hang tight, everyone, Keith is currently filming an interview with George, Greg and Eli. Just a few more minutes.

7:15 If you want to see where Keith is, watch the Pistons draft party live: http://www.nba.com/pistons/video/live.html

7:21 Greetings, all. Keith Langlois here with the draft about 15 minutes or so from getting under way. We know Blake Griffin is going No. 1 and that's about all we know for sure yet. Just talked briefly with George David, personnel director, and he said it's still wildly unpredictable ahead of the Pistons because there are so many potential trades out there.

7:21 [Comment From Scott] Hi Keith, what are your thoughts on the deals already gone down so far?

7:23 I'm not so sure Vince Carter really helps Orlando. I thought the Magic were at their best with the ball in Hedo Turkoglu's hands last season, the same way I thought New Jersey was best with the ball in Jason Kidd's hands when he was there. But coaches feel compelled to let Vince try to create in late-game situations and I don't think his success rate has been very good. The Shaq deal can't be judged until we see how Cleveland performs in the playoffs. That's all that deal was about - making the Cavs a better postseason team.

7:23 [Comment From Joey] Are the Pistons interested in Brandon Jennings?

7:24 I'd be very surprised if Jennings were still there at 15 - not shocked, but surprised - and I'd be very surprised if the Pistons were to take him if he did fall.

7:24 [Comment From Josh Taiwan] I'm sad to say that I think Austin Daye looks like a bust to me. What makes him look so much more likely for success than BJ Mullens? If Earl Clark is gone by the time the Pistons pick, then I pretty worried they'll wind up with a dud.

7:26 A lot of people who've seen Daye think he has a chance to be a star, Josh. I just haven't seen enough of him to have a credible opinion at this point. The weight is a problem - he's about 35 pounds less than Amir Johnson - but he supposedly has such a sophisticated perimeter game that, at 6-foot-11, I can see where scouts could find that intoxicating.

7:27 [Comment From Shawn] Hey Keith, I saw on your blog today you said that Joe D might pass on Demar Derozan if he was available, but Joe D said that he is going to drafting the best player available. Why would he pass on someone like Derozan or even Jennings when they have much more talent then someone like Austin Daye

7:28 That was just a guess, Shawn. Joe said yesterday he's pretty sure the Pistons will be drafting a frontcourt player. I think he's pretty sure that at least one of the frontcourt players he's deemed good enough to help the Pistons will be there. So my guess is that it's either going to be Clark, Daye or Johnson.

7:28 [Comment From sam] Does getting Vince reduce the chances of the magic resigning hedo?

7:29 We'll get some indication of that tonight, Sam, when Orlando reporters talk to Otis Smith after the draft, but my guess is it won't affect the Magic one way or the other. I assume the money that changed hands as far as next year's cap isn't significant. The motivation for the Nets was to reduce its 2010-11 payroll and except for Courtney Lee's deal, all the money they took back from Orlando will be off the books by then.

7:30 [Comment From John] Keith, what are the chances they draft Austin Daye at #15? I think it would be a colossal mistake if Jennings, Clark, Johnson, or Maynor are available.

7:31 Right now, my guess is Daye will be the choice if Clark isn't there - and maybe even if he is. We've got to see these guys at least play in Las Vegas before we can begin to make judgments about who's better.

7:31 [Comment From Ray] What do you think of Blake Griffin?

7:33 I see a guy who at the very least is going to be a 15-point, 8-rebound guy, who should be an All-Star within four years and who could be a franchise player. He'll be the Rookie of the Year unless Stephen Curry lands with a team where he can get major minutes.

7:33 Who would you like to see the Pistons pick at 15 if all of these players are available?Earl Clark ( 49% )Austin Daye ( 22% )James Johnson ( 11% )DeJuan Blair ( 10% )B.J. Mullens ( 7% )

7:34 [Comment From Steven] Who will the Pistons be targeting in free agency? Could they have enough room to add three young players, such as Gordon, Millsap, and Ariza? That would be a great young nuclues to build around.

7:36 I think Gordon is the likeliest addition. I don't see Utah letting Millsap get away as a restricted free agent. I don't see Ariza going anywhere, either. Boozer ... depends on how much money he wants. If it's too high, I think the next likeliest move is an offer sheet to Milwaukee's restricted free agent, Charlie Villanueva. After Gordon and Villanueva, the PIstons might have enough left for a mid-level exception type of deal. Maybe Antonio McDyess?

7:36 The Clippers are on the clock ... don't we say that every other year?

7:36 [Comment From mark] What are the chances that we trade rip or tay tonight?

7:36 Slim. Very slim.

7:37 Looks like Earl Clark is the early and overwhelming favorite among Pistons Nation. We'll do another poll after Phoenix (or somebody) picks at 14 with available players.

7:37 [Comment From Steven] Which players do you foresee having a major slide in the draft tonight? Could Jennings or DeRozan be the guys sliding, possibly all the way into the 20's?

7:38 Word is that Jennings' agent pulled him out of the green room, which means he's worried that Jennings could slide a long way. DeRozan could, too, if he doesn't go at 9 to Toronto. James Johnson seems to be moving up, which is interesting, because a week ago he seemed to be moving down.

7:38 [Comment From RJ] So Jeff Teague is basically out of the question at 15? I really liked what I saw and read about him.

7:39 I'd be very surprised if they take a guard, but especially if they take a smaller point guard. Jrue Holiday, if he slips, I could potentially see. Terrence Williams, maybe.

7:39 [Comment From Steven] Assuming the Pistons keep all three 2nd-round picks, how many will be kept on the roster this season? And will Deron Washington and Trent Plaisted be on the team this year?

7:40 Washington has a good shot at sticking. Plaisted won't. He missed all of last season with a back injury and needs to get some seasoning. I think the pick at 35 will stick. The pick at 39 has a chance. I think the pick at 44 could very well be a Euro point guard who can stay over there for at least one season.

7:40 [Comment From Scott] What are biggest needs as in position heading into the draft?

7:41 Frontcourt. Easy. The only two bigs under contract right now are Maxiell and Kwame and Kwame could - doubtful, but he could - opt out.

7:41 [Comment From James] Keith, I'm not sure if you saw the article or not, but John Hollinger had Austin Daye (the guy I think we end up drafting) rated as the 4th best player in the draft. I'm not a huge fan of all his stats models, but the one he uses to rate his prospects has a great track record, so I think we may get a steal in Daye just like we did with Stuckey at pick 15. Do you know if the Pistons use any "new age statistics" to evaluate players?

7:42 I did see it, James. Hollinger does admit that his system doesn't have a high degree of reliability when evaluating one-and-done players. Daye spent two years at Gonzaga, so maybe it'll be a better indicator of his future.

7:42 [Comment From Ray] Where do you think A.I would go to?

7:42 Charlotte seems to be the destination that everyone is looking at.

7:42 [Comment From Scott] Your thoughts on Toney Douglas?

7:43 The buzz is that Douglas is the guy the Knicks had in mind when they bought LA's pick at 29. He's also been linked to the Bulls at 26.

7:43 [Comment From Steven] I think Millsap is very attainable. I thinks its likely Boozer actually doesn't opt out, since he may not have the market he thought he would. Then Utah is stuck with him, and won't have a whole lot of money left for Millsap.

7:44 If Boozer doesn't opt out, I think the Jazz will still match any offer sheet Millsap gets - unless it's a completely irresponsible deal - and then will look to trade Boozer. They won't get equal value, but they'll get something.

7:44 [Comment From Guest] Do u think that it's a realistic chance for us to give David Lee an offer sheet, considering that New York wants to be in the running for the summer of 2010?

7:45 I think NY is almost as unlikely to let Lee walk as Utah is to let Millsap get away. Some talk about Lee winding up with OKC in a sign-and-trade deal.

7:45 [Comment From samar] if someone projected in the lottery slides to the 20s, do you think Joe D might package the 2nd round picks to move in the first round?

7:45 I wouldn't be surprised if the Pistons moved back into the first round if someone they really like is there.

7:46 [Comment From Josh Taiwan] Can Rip really play Small Forward if Tayshaun gets traded???

7:46 Not on a full-time basis, but he'll play there for about 10 minutes a game next year.

7:46 Memphis takes Thabeet

7:46 I don't love that pick. I wonder how Thabeet and Marc Gasol will play together.

7:47 [Comment From Chris] Do you think Will Bynum earned around 25+ minutes of playing time next year?

7:48 I think he goes into training camp as 1A to Rodney Stuckey's 1 at point guard. Wouldn't be surprised if the minutes weren't 24 and 24 some nights next season unless Stuckey takes that next step we all expect him to take at some point.

7:48 [Comment From Kevin] Do u see the pistons being an active team in the free agent market this offseason?

7:48 Absolutely. That's what the whole Iverson-Billups trade was about.

7:48 [Comment From Joshua] think we can get marc Gasol?

7:49 Don't think so, Joshua. He's on a rookie contract and he's productive. There's no motivation for Memphis to trade him.

7:49 [Comment From Rickey] The only way I like Boozer is if we pair him with an athletic defensive minded center like Tyson Chandler, or Marcus Camby. What are your thoughts on that?

7:51 The Pistons could have Chandler, but he'd eat up a lot of cap space and there are some real concerns about his future with the ankle and toe injuries. The Clips are trying to move Randolph or Kaman but might have to move Camby instead. I could see the Pistons making a play for him at some point if other things don't work out in free agency. But the idea of the cap space was to land parts that will be here for the next five years. Camby would be a temporary fix.

7:51 [Comment From Steven] Also in that Hollinger rating article, besides Day at #4, he had Danny Green of North Carolina at #8, who Chad Ford has the Pistons taking in round 2. That would be fantastic to land those two guys.

7:51 I like Danny Green a lot in the second round. I really think that, for as much as this draft has been criticized, there are more good players to be found in the second round than usual.

7:52 [Comment From Scott] Do the Pistons have any interest in Gortat

7:52 Not sure.

7:52 OKC takes James Harden

7:53 If Ricky Rubio becomes a star, Memphis and OKC are going to regret this night. Now, I'm not saying Rubio is going to be a star, but a lot of people think he's got special qualities.

7:53 [Comment From John] Do the Pistons have interest in AJ Price or Darren Collison in the 2nd? How about DeMarre Carroll?

7:53 Collison, perhaps, if he's there. Price? Maybe at 44, but I'd be at least a little surprised.

7:54 [Comment From Kevin] Could u see the Pistons making a play for Ben Wallace as a depth bench guy, if the suns buy out his contract and he doesnt retire?

7:55 If he accepts a buyout from Phoenix, I wonder if Big Ben will get the itch to play again and maybe sign with a contender around the All-Star break. Too tough to say what the Pistons would be looking for at that point because we just don't know what moves will be made in the coming months.

7:55 [Comment From Bryan] So will the Pistons draft James Johnson if Earl Clark is taken?

7:55 Or Daye ... that's my guess.

7:56 [Comment From James] I hope we land one of these guys with our 2nd round picks...Danny Green, Demarre Carrol, or Dujan Summers. Which of these 3 do you like the most?

7:57 I like 'em all. Carroll might have the most instant impact even though he's sorta one-dimensional. I've called him a poor man's Dennis Rodman. Summers is really talented. Somebody told me this week that it's tough to assess Georgetown players because of the system they run there.

7:57 [Comment From Frank] Dujan summers should be gone in the 1st round.

7:57 Maybe not. Chad Ford's mock draft today had him going to the Pistons at 35.

7:58 Wow. Rubio just fell past Sacto, which took Tyreke Evans. That leaves Rubio for Minnesota, which really needs a PG.

7:58 [Comment From steve] why isn't jodie meeks rated higher in the second round. he seems like a great scorer off the bench.

7:58 I've heard he's just one dimensional. Then again, so is Eddie House.

7:58 [Comment From Scott] Do the Pistons like Blair?

7:59 I think they're one of the teams that's really concerned about his knees. Other than that, they like him very much.

7:59 [Comment From Tim] what if jonny flynn or brandon jennings falls to the pistons do they take one of them and move stucky to the 2

7:59 Flynn, maybe; Jennings, less likely.

8:00 [Comment From Steven] Could someone like Portland or New York be blowing up the phone lines in Minnesota right now trying to get Rubio? Its absurd these teams are passing on him.

8:00 Yeah, I think NY would love to get its hands on Rubio, maybe even more than Curry.

8:01 [Comment From brian] Im really hoping the pistons can draft gerald henderson. i really hope we can trade prince in the off season

8:01 Henderson is a 2, not a 3.

8:02 [Comment From Robert] If or when the Bucks release Bowen do you see the Pistons going after him?

8:02 They'll build the roster from the top down. If they were to add a role player like Bowen - who has lost a step or two - it wouldn't be until the major moves were completed.

8:02 [Comment From James] I bet Minnesota drafts Rubio/Curry...that's a great young back court

8:03 That would be very intriguing, James. I agree. Will they use one on Jordan Hill to give them a little more frontcourt size?

8:03 One other thing I wonder about: Is Rubio going to be inclined to pay his buyout to play in Minnesota. He's on record as being less than thrilled with the climate.

8:04 Minnesota's pick at 5 ... Ricky Rubio. He's smiling, at least.

8:05 [Comment From ted] any piston trade rumors going on tonite?

8:05 Haven't heard anything other than that they've so far rebuffed any offers to trade out of 15.

8:05 [Comment From Guest] By Bowen do you mean Bruce Bowen

8:05 yes

8:05 [Comment From Eric] I really think James Johnson is going to be a better player than Earl Clark

8:06 Of the three guys we're talking about - Johnson, Daye and Clark - they each have their camps who believe they'll be the best of the bunch.

8:07 [Comment From Guest] I think Austin Daye has the most upside, then Clark then Johnson

8:07 I think that's the consensus, but the consensus is also that Johnson is probably most ready to play from day one, then Clark, then Daye.

8:07 [Comment From Guest] Has anyone showed interest in acquiring Rasheed or Mcdyess?

8:08 Lots of speculation that Cleveland will use its mid-level exception to sign Rasheed. McDyess will draw interest from the same teams that pursued him last November - Houston, San Antonio, Boston, etc.

8:08 [Comment From Bryan] i heard johnson is the strongest and most athletic out of those three?

8:08 He's sure stronger than Daye, who couldn't lift the bar once in the bench press test at the combine.

8:08 [Comment From Steven] Who would Minnesota take at 6 now? They don't need another PG like Flynn or Curry. I am scratching my head on who this pick will be. Could this be the first major surprise of the night, a pick out of leftfield?

8:09 Curry is my guess, maybe Hill.

8:09 [Comment From Brian] They have declined offers to move out of 15? Are the details of the offer known?

8:09 Not sure. I heard Sacto might have offered 23 and 31 for 15, but haven't confirmed that.

8:09 [Comment From bob] Do you think theres any chance we draft ty lawson?

8:10 slim

8:10 Minnesota takes 2 point guards ... that has to mean a trade. Rubio to the Knicks?

8:11 Looks like Nellie is going to get Curry in GS. That means I think he'll challenge Griffin for Rookie of the Year.

8:11 [Comment From Chris] Flynn...surprising.

8:11 Trade

8:11 [Comment From Steven] If Daye couldn't even lift the bar once in the bench press, isn't that a troubling sign? One of the main problems with Amir Johnson is that he wasn't strong enough and was pushed around inside. This could be the same problem with Daye.

8:12 The Pistons worked him out. Arnie Kander is a big, big part of the workouts. If they draft Daye, you can bet that Arnie Kander has signed off on Daye's physique and his ability to develop it. I will definitely be asking that question tonight if Daye is the pick.

8:12 [Comment From Jeremy] they have to be trading one of those 2 PGs

8:12 [Comment From Eric] Wow...no. six was Flynn...two points it got to be a trade going on.

8:12 [Comment From Steven] Two point guards????!!! Minnesota must a have a deal in place to either trade Flynn or Rubio

8:13 [Comment From GIl] You can't compare Daye to Amir, Amir was asked to play down low, Daye would not.

8:13 That's a good point, Gil. The Pistons do see Daye as a 3, at least initially, with the potential to grow into a 4. He's got real perimeter skills.

8:14 [Comment From Jeremy] thats a room full of men that have no clue what they are doing

8:14 If they plan to pair Rubio and Flynn, then that's a strange experiment.

8:14 [Comment From Jim] were the Pistons actually offered Allen and Rondo?

8:15 Yes ... for the guts of their team.

8:15 [Comment From Chris] Curry basically guaranteed to the Warriors?

8:15 We'll see. Seems like a perfect Nellie guy.

8:15 [Comment From David] You say Camby is a possibility if other plans don't work out in free agency. I've not seen anything linking Detroit to a free-agent center. Have I missed something? We need starters at the 4 & 5, I believe, or could Joe see Kwame as the starter at the 5, if all other positions are upgraded?

8:16 GS takes Curry.

8:16 As for David's question, I think he could live with Kwame as the starting center as long as he adds two other frontcourt players this off-season so he's not asking Kwame to play more than about 25 minutes a game.

8:17 [Comment From guarinsheed] i like daye honestly

8:17 [Comment From Jeremy] he has skills that would help in 3 years, not now.

8:17 Daye would probably be least likely to help immediately, but when you're talking about a guy who'll be the 8th or 9th guy next year, to me it makes sense to pick the one who has a chance to be a starter in three years.

8:17 [Comment From JMax54] You think one of them will play the shooting guard?

8:18 I think Rubio and Flynn are two of the purest PGs in the draft. Could you play them together? Maybe, but can Rubio really defend 2 guards?

8:18 [Comment From Guest] I guess Im a newb, what do you mean when your saying Daye as a 3, grow into a 4?

8:18 3 is a small forward, 4 is a power forward

8:19 [Comment From Stan] What does Daye offer that Tayshaun doesn't?

8:19 He's 9 or 10 years younger ... best case, Daye is ready to take over as a starter in two years when Prince's contract expires and the Pistons can either trade Prince for other assets or figure a way to play them together.

8:20 [Comment From Steven] Wow, Ric Bucher says Minnesota is keeping both players. That is nutty.

8:20 [Comment From James] Curry and Rubio seems like a MUCH BETTER back court combination then Flynn/Rubio. Both Flynn/Rubio are true PG's and need the ball in their hands to be effective. Why not pair Curry with Rubio?

8:20 I'm with you, James. But if Flynn turns out to be the better player than Curry, then Minny can still make it work by dealing one of the two PGs down the road.

8:21 [Comment From Ron] Why would they take 2 points and not a 2 gaurd at the 6th

8:21 [Comment From Jeremy] hahaha and the pain continues in NY.

8:21 Think the Knicks will take Jordan Hill?

8:21 Yup ... Jordan Hill.

8:22 Knicks fans not real happy with that pick.

8:22 [Comment From GIl] As far as impact now guys, Earl Clark would be the best choice. But I think the draft choice will have a lot to do with what trades Joe D. thinks he can pull off.

8:23 Joe said last week that he'll take the best player ... yesterday he said, basically, that it would likely be a frontcourt player. Even though the strength of the draft is at PG, through the middle, the strength is big men with one or two holes in their game.

8:24 Toronto ... it's been projected to be DeRozan for about a month. Some talk they like James Johnson and some talk they like Gerald Henderson.

8:24 [Comment From max h] i feel like blair would become another maxiell type player off the bench for 5-15 points every now and then, what do you think?

8:24 Yeah, which makes me think the Pistons will look elsewhere. It would be tough to play Blair and Maxiell together ... they're both about 6-6. And they are concerned about his knees.

8:25 [Comment From Guest] Also, Daye is a much better shooter than Tayshaun

8:25 He is supposedly a very good outside shooter and also, surprisingly, he's supposed to be pretty good at creating his own shot off the dribble.

8:25 [Comment From John] I think it's time the Pistons stop drafting on potential and start drafting on being able to contribute right away. Daye would be a monster mistake imo. This same logic got us Sharpe over Chalmers last year.

8:26 They've drafted both ways ... productive guys like Prince, Maxiell, Stuckey, Afflalo, potential guys like Amir and Sharpe. But those were second-rounders. Why not take a shot?

8:26 [Comment From Joel] What percentage would you say the Pistons have of signing Ben Gordon. 50%?

8:27 Depends. If Chicago winds up trading Kirk Hinrich to Portland and clears cap space, the Bulls could still wind up keeping him.

8:27 Toronto takes ... DeRozan.

8:27 [Comment From Bryan] did dante cunningham workout for detroit?

8:28 Pretty sure he did. Don't have my full list in front of me.

8:28 [Comment From Steven] Why has there been no talk about the Pistons taking Hansbrough?

8:28 Hey, maybe they'll take him. Maybe all the talk about the other guys is smokescreen stuff.

8:28 [Comment From Chris] The Bucks are overloaded at the forward position, what do you think is going to happen with them all?

8:29 Charlie V is a restricted free agent .. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Pistons extend an offer sheet.

8:29 [Comment From Jim] If we sign Gordon, don't you think we have to trade Rip? Rip can play a little 3, but both guys are pretty much 2's.

8:30 I don't think they'd have to trade Rip. I think signing Gordon would give Joe the flexibility to do so, but I think he'd be intrigued by having 2 20-point scorers. Gordon doesn't need 38 minutes a night to get his 20 points. If they played him about 30 and Rip about 35, with Rip getting 10 minutes or so at small forward and Gordon maybe getting a handful of minutes at point, it's definitely workable.

8:31 [Comment From Jeremy] who guards lebron with that lineup?

8:32 The Pistons played Cleveland in March 2008 and Rip guarded him for the whole game ... held LeBron to 13.

8:32 [Comment From DeusXango] If the Pistons don't draft Daye, at 15, according to your mock draft he's to be drafted at 23...isn't that what could be considered wasted pick, given the clubs needs? Draft Johnson!

8:32 It's that kind of draft. Lots of guys that are all over the map.

8:33 Bucks take ... Brandon Jennings.

8:33 So he didn't fall as far as his agent had feared. Could have kept him in the green room after all.

8:34 Now is when the draft really starts to take shape for the Pistons. I think it's a good sign for them that DeRozan and Jennings have been taken. It virtually ensures that at least two of their three guys will be on the board - perhaps all 3.

8:34 [Comment From Glenn] Is Sessions gone?

8:35 I think Jennings is far less ready to help immediately than Flynn, the guy who had been linked to the Bucks. They also still have Luke Ridnour. But they're trying to move him. They can't go into the season with Jennings as their starting PG.

8:35 [Comment From Stan] There goes Raymond sessions and Charlie stays put--thank goodness.

8:35 Not necessarily.

8:35 [Comment From Nick] We'll get Charlie V.

8:36 [Comment From Chris] Well, your top 10 picks all went in the top ten. Nice picking.

8:36 Not exactly in the right order, but that's about the best you could hope to do in this crazy draft.

8:36 [Comment From GIl] The only knock on Charlie V is that his rebounding is low considering his height.

8:37 Not a bad rebounder, though - average. The guy can flat-out score, both inside and out.

8:37 [Comment From John] Great pick by Bucks, future star imo.

8:37 Some love him, some are really cool to him.

8:37 [Comment From John] Keith, are the Pistons interested in Maynor? Seems like a total Pistons PG personality.

8:38 I really like Maynor. But they really need to add a big man, it seems, especially if the likeliest free-agent move is Gordon.

8:38 [Comment From Bryan] if james johnson is drafted, would he play power forward or small forward?

8:38 Can play both. Or at least he'd get a shot at both.

8:38 Nets take Terrence Williams ... does that mean Gerald Henderson to Charlotte?

8:40 Guessing: Henderson to Charlotte, Maynor or Blair to Indy, and then Phoenix would hold the real key for the PIstons. I heard one EC coach today said Daye would definitely be Phoenix's pick, I've heard others say Johnson would be the pick, and I've heard Clark listed there. If Henderson gets by Charlotte, then maybe Phoenix would be inclined to take him.

8:40 [Comment From Joshua] how tall is Charlie V?

8:41 A legit 6-11

8:41 [Comment From Chris] Will Terrence Williams play a mix of SG and SF?

8:42 Yup. I think most teams evaluated him as a 2, but he's definitely big enough to play some 3, especially when teams go small.

8:42 [Comment From GIl] I'm surprised Charlotte doesn't want Hansborough. He's a player Coach Brown would love and he would put people in the seats, at least UNC fans. A similar thing was done back when Charlotte had the Hornets and they chose J.R. Reid.

8:43 He does love those Carolina guys. He also loves PGs. If he didn't have Felton and Augustin already, I would suspect we'd hear Ty Lawson linked to Charlotte.

8:43 [Comment From John] I think Phoenix takes Clark and we're left with Daye or Johnson most likely Daye. I mean who wouldn't draft a 6'10 190 pound project at 15.

8:43 [Comment From Bill Laimbeer] Will bj mullens be better than me as a piston?

8:43 Your title is safe, Billy.

8:44 [Comment From Joshua] is Holiday going to fall to the Pistons? would they take him?

8:44 Ooh .. forgot about Holiday. He could be the one headed to Indy.

8:44 [Comment From Josh Taiwan] How much do we have to pay Charllie V to take him away this summer?

8:45 With so few teams having anything more than a mid-level exception to offer him, I think a deal that starts at $6 million or a little more would be enough to get it done.

8:45 Bobcats go with Henderson.

8:45 [Comment From Jeremy] oh god, we dont need mullens, he's soft

8:46 They were talking about him as a top 5 pick last year, but I don't know how much his year at Ohio State really hurt him. He would have had to go through the draft process last year and opinions would have changed, probably.

8:46 [Comment From Chris] If Blair is open at 14, will Phoenix take him?

8:47 Blair and Phoenix would be an odd pairing since the Suns are going back to their running style now.

8:47 [Comment From Joshua] KEITH right on the money.. you are the best. Who is next?

8:48 I don't know if Indiana expected Holiday to still be on the board. I guess I'd make him the slight favorite now, but Bird supposedly really liked Ty Lawson and Eric Maynor and Blair, too.

8:48 There's been talk the Pacers are shopping T.J. Ford and Jarrett Jack is a free agent, so a PG makes sense. But Holiday is only 18. Lawson and Maynor are much more ready to play immediately. If they were going to keep one of the vets, then I'd say Holiday would be the choice. If they're really looking at drafting a starter, it has to be one of the most experienced guys.

8:49 [Comment From Chris] So it's almost Guaranteed we have Clark or Johnson now.

8:49 Or Daye. Don't be surprised if the Pistons take Daye even if Clark and Johnson are still available.

8:49 [Comment From samar] I think getting Charlie V. would be great. He averaged 16 and 7 is just 27 mpg. He could be a 20 ppg guy we need.

8:50 And he's only 24.

8:50 [Comment From Chris] I think Holiday is next.

8:50 Indy takes ... Tyler Hansbrough ... wow, I couldn't have been more wrong.

8:52 [Comment From Chris] Whoa! That's a surprise.

8:52 [Comment From Ary] WHAT psycho T

8:52 [Comment From John] Wow

8:52 [Comment From Bill Laimbeer] hansbusta

8:52 [Comment From byrdman] Hansbrough?

8:53 [Comment From GIl] yeah, Hansbrough seems like a player Bird would love.

8:53 [Comment From Steven] Hansbrough seems like the perfect Pacer, he will be loved in Indiana.

8:53 [Comment From Joshua] I take back that "you are the best" keith... JK

8:53 I am humbled

8:53 [Comment From Guest] Looks like Clark will be a Piston, Holiday should go to the Suns

8:54 Holiday would be an interesting choice for the Suns. Have to believe his athleticism appeals to them.

8:54 [Comment From Bill Laimbeer] so does PHX go big here, whats your thinking here?

8:54 Clark really fits the style they're going to play.

8:55 If that trade they've just talked about goes through and Phoenix gets Brandan Wright and Biedrins from GS, then I think Holiday could be the pick here. Wright is similar to Clark.

8:56 Phoenix takes Clark.

8:57 With Earl Clark gone, which player should the Pistons select?Jrue Holiday ( 34% )Austin Daye ( 29% )James Johnson ( 31% )B.J. Mullens ( 7% )

8:57 [Comment From Guest] Austin Daye is the one i want

8:57 [Comment From Guest] how possible is it that we take holiday?

8:58 Don't think the Pistons imagined he'd still be here, but they're pretty loaded in the backcourt now ... at least, if they're thinking they can sign Gordon.

8:58 [Comment From Josh Taiwan] Why did Holiday drop so far down/

8:58 Somebody always falls ... it was thought that Jennings might be the guy, perhaps DeRozan. Somebody's gonna get a good player. Maybe Philly at 17.

8:59 [Comment From Eric] Will their be a draft grade tomorrow from you K. Langlois?

8:59 Not from me. I think grading the draft is a silly exercise because we just won't know until at least midway through next season who can play and who can't

8:59 [Comment From Ary] Holiday and Trade him

8:59 [Comment From jake] don't want holiday, don't need anymore guards because bynum is the man

8:59 [Comment From Jeremy] how do we not take holiday

9:00 [Comment From byrdman] Yea Daye for me too

9:00 [Comment From Ary] Take the best player available and that is Holiday

9:00 [Comment From GIl] I actually hope they trade down a few spots, take Mullens and get something else.

9:00 [Comment From John] Keith, when you said that Ben Gordon is the likeliest free-agent move, does that mean that Charlie Villanueva is our only hope for the front court?

9:00 Not the only one, but maybe the most likely target if Boozer is asking too much.

9:00 [Comment From Nick] Dejuan Summers

9:01 Not here, Nick. Chad Ford on ESPN.com, who's pretty well wired, has Summers actually going to the Pistons at 35.

9:01 [Comment From Joel] I hope Clark wasn't the Pick Joe wanted the most

9:01 [Comment From Jeremy] please take holiday

9:02 After the Pistons pick, I'll have the take about a 15-minute break to go to Joe D's quick press conference, but don't go away.

9:02 Here's the pick ... Austin Daye

9:33 OK ... just back from Joe D's presser ... He said the focus was on two things, upgrading the talent base and taking high-character kids. I'm reading between the lines a little here, but there were some whispers about Clark having some character issues. That might have tipped the scales for them. He also said he talked several times with Arnie Kander about Daye and Arnie was confident he could get Daye on a program to add enough strength to make him a functional player.

9:33 Crazy that Minnesota took a third point guard ... that has to mean a trade is in the works.

9:33 NO just take Collison - that's a real surprise - which makes it 5 straight PGs.

9:34 [Comment From Bill Laimbeer] Charlie Villanueva: "well, twitterland like I said there will be more trades to come, very interesting, Shaq to Cleveland, nice, all Cleveland need is a PF now."

9:35 There's buzz that Cleveland will make a run at Charlie, but all the Cavs can offer is the mid-level. If the Pistons give him an offer that starts at more than a million above that, that's a lot of money over five years to leave on the table ... and wouldn't Milwaukee be inclined to match a MLE offer sheet?

9:35 [Comment From Chris] They said they planned on trading Lawson

9:37 [Comment From Alex] With Joe D using this pick, can we assume our cap money is back down to 17-19 million?

9:37 No ... we were making our projections earlier based on the $1.4 million cap hold for the 15th pick

9:37 [Comment From keebler_kahn] If Arnie says he can beef the kid up, then you gotta believe it.

9:37 Anybody heard where Minny plans to trade Lawson

9:38 [Comment From SanDiegoMike] How do you feel about the pick, Keith?

9:38 I saw a lot more of Clark on TV than Daye, so it's unfair for me to compare. I know the Pistons scouts thought a lot of Daye.

9:38 [Comment From Steven] Minnesota traded Lawson to Denver

9:38 For what?

9:39 [Comment From Steven] lawson is going to Denver for a 2010 pick Denver has from Charlotte

9:39 Interesting.

9:39 [Comment From jason from flatrock] with the vince carter trade i think orlando is going to be a team to beat in the east

9:40 As of now, it's Orlando, Cleveland and Boston .. but Washington is very deep and that's a team to watch.

9:40 [Comment From Joshua] you gotta think thats an amazing move for the Nuggets, a guy behind Billups

9:40 [Comment From Stan] That's a great move for Denver

9:40 [Comment From Dan] Orlando won't be if they don't resign Hedo.

9:40 Good point ... and I'm actually a little skeptical of how Vince is going to affect that team.

9:41 [Comment From Lucas] Heytvelt, danny Green n Douglas in the 2nd round

9:41 Green and Douglas wouldn't surprise me ... not sure about Heytvelt. He's got some red flags on him, plus he had surprisingly low rebound numbers this year.

9:41 [Comment From Brian] Keith, any bigs we can expect at some point in the draft since we went with Daye, who in all fairness can't play 4 or 5 right now?

9:42 Jeff Pendergraph or Taj Gibson would be possibilities at 35, off the top of my head.

9:43 [Comment From keebler_kahn] will there be fan voting available on any of the 2nd round picks?

9:43 Yeah, I'll make up a new poll

9:44 Who would you like to see the Pistons to take at 35?Danny Green ( 21% )Taj Gibson ( 30% )Wayne Ellington ( 19% )Patrick Mills ( 20% )Derrick Brown ( 10% )

9:44 [Comment From John] So Will Bynum is our PG...great...do we have a backup?

9:44 Stuckey is the point guard.

9:45 [Comment From Brian] Do you think Mullens might fall to the 2nd round? I would assume the Pistons would be interested with their next pick.

9:45 He is falling like a rock. But I don't think he'll get past OKC at 25. Have to believe they'd be thrilled to get him there.

9:48 [Comment From John] Pendergraph would make too much sense. Heytfelt would be the logical pick since Dumars is looking for a slow unathletic compliment to Daye.

9:48 [Comment From nathan] where do you see deron washington a 2 or a 3?

9:49 He can defend at both of those positions and maybe at the 1, also, and that's really how coaches decide what position a player can play - by which position he can defend.

9:50 [Comment From John] Stuckey is the PG? I thought we determined he wasn't one?

9:51 No, Joe D said that he thinks Stuckey's skills could best be utilized if they could play him off of the ball some ... but that doesn't mean he thinks he's not a point guard. I very specifically asked him that question and he said that wasn't what he meant at all.

9:51 [Comment From keebler_kahn] I guess the promise was way off base with Mullens? ; )

9:51 There was never a promise to Mullens. The PIstons have steadfastly maintained that they do not make promises.

9:51 [Comment From Kevin] How about Blair?

9:52 Yeah, he's now the one to watch. His knees are an issue with a lot of teams. I think he gets taken before then, but if lasts to 35, then how much of a risk is it at that point?

9:52 Have to believe Chicago would take a long look at Blair at 26 if he's there, even though they just took Johnson.

9:53 [Comment From Mark from Sydney] What chance we get to see "our" Patty Mills in a Pistons jersey?

9:54 [Comment From Dan] If he is still around with the Pistons second pick in round 2, I would love to see them gamble on Jodie Meeks. Guy can score.

9:54 Maybe at 45. He's a 3-point shooter and the Pistons are looking to supplement that aspect of their game via some means this summer.

9:55 [Comment From Mike] I love your chats so much, i would marry them if i could.

9:55 OK, Mike, but the Jagermeister down now.

9:55 [Comment From Bryan] if the pistons draft a power forward or center for one of their second round picks, would they start that person since most likely rasheed and antonio are leaving?

9:56 It would be a little much to expect a No. 2 pick to start. They're going to fill those holes via free agency/trades.

9:56 [Comment From Bryan] is trent plaisted gonna be on the pistons roster possibly next season?

9:57 No, last season was wiped out for him with the back injury, so he's ticketed for another year overseas.

9:57 [Comment From Steven] Someone is gonna get a steal in DaJuan Blair. Incredible he has fallen this far. I guess having no ACL's will do that to you.

9:57 [Comment From George B] I was looking at Daye's numbers at Gonzaga, and he averaged 2.1 blocks in 26 minutes. How well do you think that will translate to the NBA?

9:58 Well, if he's guarding small forwards, he probably won't be around the rim enough to be a major shot-blocking threat. But Joe D said he views him as a 3-4. I think he'll need to add strength to play many minutes at power forward, but once that happens, yeah, he'll be a shot-blocking threat.

9:59 [Comment From Scott] Would Joe think about trading up to get Douglas?

9:59 Don't know, Scott. He might not have to trade up.

10:00 Well, there goes Gibson. Not a huge surprise, but Chicago sure has a lot of frontcourt young players now ... Thomas, Noah, Johnson, Gibson.

Continued in Part 2
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