4 second round draft pics, any winners?

Re: 4 second round draft pics, any winners?

Postby Kobe Bryant 8 on Fri May 27, 2011 4:50 pm

I personally draft-and-stash Euros and hope you hit a Ginobili/Gasol type.

We don't have room to waste roster spots on 2nd rounders unless we get a steal. We need to win NOW.

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Re: 4 second round draft pics, any winners?

Postby Pig Miller on Fri May 27, 2011 5:21 pm

greg smith, i think he can make this team, and contribute. he can also push pau around a bit in practice. wouldn't hurt.
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Re: 4 second round draft pics, any winners?

Postby Alleyhoops on Fri May 27, 2011 5:40 pm

LALShowtime wrote:I like Jamie Skeen,
he outplayed nearly every big man in the tourney and is widely underrated.
He was Mr. Basketball at North Carolina his senior year and actually went to Wake Forest before transferring to VCU.
Last season, he didn't shine as much due to playing behind 1st round draft pick Larry Sanders, but this season he outplayed other NBA prospects in the Morris Brothers, etc. Even in their loss against Butler he seemed unstoppable.

A steal for a late 2nd in my opinion, and VCU is developing a nice reputation for producing NBA quality guys. As last 2 years they had 2 first round picks in Maynor and Sanders both who were immediately able to contribute.

Absolutely. If he's available when we pick, I say grab him with no second thoughts. Very skilled' and physical. Reminds me a lot of Larry Johnson. But I have a feeling he'll be gone by the time we pick.

I also like Corey Fisher from Villanova quite a bit.
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Re: 4 second round draft pics, any winners?

Postby dane99 on Fri May 27, 2011 6:59 pm

i would like to pick up an international project maybe robing benzing of germany with one of the picks, try for a young back up big any of the options.
either: jajuan johnson/ benson/jeremy tyler/ nicola vucivic/ grag smith
guard: mack/ corey josephs/ norris cole
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Re: 4 second round draft pics, any winners?

Postby dagreatkobe on Fri May 27, 2011 7:53 pm

Iman Shumpert... His Athleticsm measurements were insane!
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Re: 4 second round draft pics, any winners?

Postby Socrates on Sat May 28, 2011 9:38 pm

Has a flat-top.

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Re: 4 second round draft pics, any winners?

Postby UsC/LaKeRs on Sat May 28, 2011 9:45 pm

Trade them all to move up and draft Josh Selby, Iman Shumpert, or Darius Morris :jam2:
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Re: 4 second round draft pics, any winners?

Postby trodgers on Sun May 29, 2011 4:35 am

Socrates wrote:
Has a flat-top.


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Re: 4 second round draft pics, any winners?

Postby live and die in LA on Sun May 29, 2011 8:04 pm

A few realistic guy's I would be interested in:

Shelvin Mack- Strong, big, athletic guard who won on the college level.
Cory Joseph- more of a combo guard, but he is young and not afraid of the big shot.
Norris Cole- Never seen him play but have been reading fantastic reviews on him, is likely rising.
Andrew Goudelock- Great shooter from deep, possibly more range than Jimmer Fredette, dont believe me? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1smyOfRXIxM

Marshon Brooks- great all around talent, extremely underrated. Had a 52 point game last season.
Malcolm Lee- UCLA guys have a tendency to be better pro's of late.
Iman Shumpert- Held his own on a bad team in the ACC. Can play either guard spot.

Jajuan Johnson- Needs to get stronger but would be a steal in the 2nd round, excellent college production.
Keith Benson- also a guy who needs to add some weight, but good all around skills and athletic ability for a guy 6-11.
Jeremy Tyler- Would be the player with the most potential if he dropped. Obviously character/work ethic concerns though.
Nikola Vucevic- Very good length, good production at the college level.
Jordan Williams- A short but strong banger who would give immediate production on the boards.
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Re: 4 second round draft pics, any winners?

Postby Frank Dux on Mon May 30, 2011 8:10 pm

realistically i don't see us landing anyone noteworthy, and as another poster mentioned, we should just grab some euros and stash them.
Frank Dux
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Re: 4 second round draft pics, any winners?

Postby shoe on Wed Jun 01, 2011 9:42 pm

This is a really good scouting report on Lighty...hope we can get him.

The NBA Draft Blog Scouting Report makes its second trip out to Columbus with a look at Ohio State senior David Lighty (I looked earlier at Jared Sullinger here). Lighty, who suffered a horrible knee injury just a few years ago, has made his way back and shown himself to be a more complete player than many expected. On top of that, he emerged as a strong leader for a team that has spent a lot of time near the top of polls the last few years. Will his diverse game and strong leadership be enough to get him a chance in the NBA. Let’s take a closer look at Buckeye David Lighty:


David Lighty, Ohio State - Senior

Guard/Forward- 6'5, 220

12.1 ppg, 4.0 rpg, 3.3 apg, 46.8% FG, 62.7% FT, 42.9% 3FG


Perimeter Shooting- If there is one area you can point to where Lighty has improved the most over his 5 years in Columbus, it is in his perimeter game. All aspects have gotten better – from getting better lift and a higher release point, to increasing his range and consistency. While he is mainly and catch-and-shoot guy - he has shown the ability to hit the mid-range jumper coming off of screens or flashing into open spaces – he has improved considerably in his ability to hit the mid-range jumper off the dribble. He needs to improve his ability to create space to get a good look when covered tightly on the perimeter, as well as making sure to square himself when shooting off the screen or dribble. His shot selection is good, and has improved greatly, though he may not look to take his shot as often as he can.

Ballhandling/Hands/Penetration- Lighty is an above-average ball-handler, uses both hands very well, keeps his dribble close and has added a very good hesitation dribble to his skills. He needs to be careful with a tendency to over-dribble or get careless if plays aren’t developing quickly, and to also watch control issues if the defensive gets aggressive. Lighty is much better off-the-dribble than he seems, and can catch defenders off guard with a quick, long first step. His long strides let him get to the basket quickly and once he gets into the lane, he has very good body control. While he isn’t a greater finisher off of penetration, he has improved, and has shown that he can finish strong or pull up and hit a short jumper. When he does choose to go at the basket hard, he has great elevation and control and can take contact and still get his shot off. Again, a recurring theme as we go through this look at Lighty, there are too many times when he defers to teammates, even when he has favorable match-ups.

Rebounding/Passing- Lighty, while a decent offensive rebounder, needs to do a better job anticipating missed shots and getting in position where he can get to the ball and either reset or get another shot up, though as mostly perimeter player, its not a huge concern. He has shown to be a very good passer, especially out on the perimeter, where he sees the whole court well and knows how to get the ball to his teammates in position for them to do something with it. Where he needs to improve is his ability to hit the pass off of penetration, especially when he draws help defenders in the lane. While he doesn’t make bad passes often, there are often better options open. I was also impressed with his ability to feed the post, finding ways to get the ball in over fronting defenders or around a defender denying the post.

Free Throw Shooting - Lighty really should be a better free throw shooter than he is, both in the amount of times he gets to the line and being able to hit once he is there. Mechanically, there is nothing wrong with his shot, but getting to the line is a different story. Again, being more aggressive when the opportunities are there will help this.


Perimeter Defense- Lighty is a very good perimeter defender – positions himself well, has very good balance, uses his arms well to keep the defender in front of him while disrupting passes, and his lateral movement is great. He can guard either the 2 or the 3 positions well, and handles himself well if caught in a mismatch off a switch. He could do a better job getting through screens, though he does do a good job getting over screens on players he knows can hit the long jumper. While his foot speed isn’t great, he anticipates and recovers well if his man gets by him. Off-the-ball, he plays passing lanes well and puts himself in great position to get out to his man quickly or rotate to help if necessary. He is an excellent help defender – rotates quick when needed and is more than willing to step in on someone going strong to the basket. While he closes well on shooters, I would like to see him do a better job getting an arm up to try and disrupt the shooter – just getting out on him is not enough.

Rebounding- While often not around the basket on missed shots, he could do a better job anticipating where misses will go and getting into position for long rebounds. Also, he needs to do a better job looking to put a body on offensive players looking to charge in from the perimeter for the offensive rebound. When he is around the rim for a miss, he does a good job boxing out and gets off the floor quickly to get the ball and secures it well.


Lighty has the ability to either push the ball on the break or fill a lane on the outside, though if he is the one leading the break, he is most effective when he takes the ball all the way to the basket himself. His decision-making and ability to draw the defenders who have rotated back are not very good, and he is much better getting the ball on the way to the hoop. He also would benefit by becoming better at his ability to stop quickly on the wing and hit the mid-long range jumper.

Summary & Intangibles

Athleticism – Above Average

BB IQ – High

Lighty is certainly a case where the sum is greater than the individual parts. While he is a very good defender, on the offensive end, it is the little things he does – working to get teammates open, making the extra pass, taking control if things get a little out of control – that make him a very good player. I still think it would be to his benefit to become more aggressive on the offensive end looking for his shot, I am almost certain that he could fit in seamlessly with any offense out there and have them run smoothly. I am sure there will still be some lingering concerns from the ACL tear a few years back, he has seemed to have adjusted his game in a way which still makes him a valuable asset. If teams aren’t impressed now, they will be after they see how he works, how he leads, and how well he knows the game – combined that with his skill-set and I see some team taking a chance on him in the mid-late second round.
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Re: 4 second round draft pics, any winners?

Postby Whatthef? on Fri Jun 03, 2011 4:12 pm

forgot about Ben Hansburough from Notre Dame, great three pt shooter, 41%, and 47.9% from the field.
6'3" and can handle the ball and play defense, 1.5 stls per game. Compares to Jimmer and the Lakers could get him middle of the second round.
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Re: 4 second round draft pics, any winners?

Postby Phil XI on Fri Jun 03, 2011 8:01 pm

Vucevic measured out at 6 11 1/2 at the pre draft camp. He'll be long gone by the 40s and very likely gone in the 20s now.
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Re: 4 second round draft pics, any winners?

Postby JSM on Fri Jun 03, 2011 8:09 pm

Phil XI wrote:Vucevic measured out at 6 11 1/2 at the pre draft camp. He'll be long gone by the 40s and very likely gone in the 20s now.

Also came in weighing 20 pounds heavier, leading some teams to shed that tweener label he had. Thinking he won't get pushed around as easily on the block.
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Re: 4 second round draft pics, any winners?

Postby JSM on Sun Jun 05, 2011 10:17 pm

Should be some decent prospects in the 2nd round this year. I think we can walk away with at least one quality guard. I'd like to nab a guard who is good P&R, a speedster would be nice, and at least a decent facilitating ability. Next I'd look for a center. I think Caracter's time is best served at PF, if he's retained. Then you look to stash a Euro or two. And always look at best player available if they drop.

Some players I'd look at...
-Nikola Mirotic - Euro stash. Shooter.
-Bojan Bogdanovic - Euro stash. Scorer/shooter
-Justin Holiday - very good defender, improving 3 ball, and Jrue's brother.
-Isaiah Thomas - as it stands, I think he's the horse I'm pulling for us to get as a PG in the 2nd round. He's drawing comparison to JJ Barea. Very quick, good passer, and runs the P&R well.
-Andrew Goudelock - I also really like him, too. He's the biggest winner so far this off-season. Teams love him. He's working out for virtually everyone, measured very well at the combine, hit it out of the park in his interviews, and shot lights out...beating Fredette in spot up 3s. Will make his living with his long J, as opposed to Thomas who will make it with his cutting ability. Getting compared to Pargo or CJ Watson.
-Ben Hansbrough - I think he would fit better on a Phil Jackson Lakers team. Good shooter, high IQ, but D is suspect, and lacks the speed and quickness. He's my last resort out of my PG options in the 2nd round.
-Jordan Williams - if he continues to put in the work on his diet and conditioning (already lost 10 pounds this summer), he could be a bit of a steal. Sites seem to differ on where he'll be taken, I've seen anything from late 1st to mid 2nd. Guess it depends on if they think he'll continue to put the work in. He's got good size though, attacks the glass, and is a physical body.
-Greg Smith - has a NBA ready body. Not sure he'll be able to play C at the NBA level. He's looked good in the post of some of his workouts. And has huge hands (so no Kwame-itis).
-Michael Dunigan - not sold on him. But he's an athletic big who took his game overseas and improved a lot of aspects of his game. He's a big Amare fan, but don't see a ceiling in the same stratosphere as Aura. I think his biggest asset will be weakside D.
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Re: 4 second round draft pics, any winners?

Postby dj vitus on Tue Jun 07, 2011 10:15 am

Frank Dux wrote:realistically i don't see us landing anyone noteworthy, and as another poster mentioned, we should just grab some euros and stash them.

Grab 4 Euros and hope for the best. Gotta be another Marc Gasol or Manu Ginobili somewhere... :man11:
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Re: 4 second round draft pics, any winners?

Postby Whatthef? on Fri Jun 10, 2011 3:01 pm

Ben Hansburough has to be one of the second rounders. He will be the steal of this draft.
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Re: 4 second round draft pics, any winners?

Postby Battle Tested20 on Tue Jun 14, 2011 8:36 pm

I think it would be awesome if we could some how trade to move up in the mid/late 1st round and go and draft Marshon Brooks. He's the guy from Providence that dropped 52 points against Notre Dame. His skill yet, the way he talks about the game, and his moves are all very similar to those of Kobe's game. I'm not comparing the two and saying hes the next Kobe, but he has tons of potential and a good head on his shoulders.

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Re: 4 second round draft pics, any winners?

Postby therealdeal on Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:25 am

^ He needs to add a little meat on that frame and I think he's going to probably be out of the Lakers' reach.

I don't think the Lakers are looking to move up in the draft when they're already tight around the budget area. They're going to look for some young prospects that are overlooked just like they did last season with Ebanks and Caracter.

Hopefully they can find a nice young big man (I mean real big man, not Caracter) or a decent combo guard type.
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