Vecsey: Knicks want to use 5th + 8th to obtain 2nd (Rubio)

Vecsey: Knicks want to use 5th + 8th to obtain 2nd (Rubio)

Postby JSM on Tue Jun 23, 2009 8:14 am

Peter Vecsey of the New York Post wrote:According to one school of educated thought, Ricky Rubio is the sole player who may be worth trading your stash of late '50s photos of a bare Sophia Loren to entice Memphis to surrender second post position.

Some of the immoderately mesmerized queued up include the Timberwolves, Kings and Knicks, who are angling to acquire No. 5 from Washington for Larry Hughes (but must take the expiring contracts of Mike James and Etan Thomas) and parlay the pick with No. 8 for No. 2.

Disregarding the 6-foot-3 Spaniard's contract tribulations for the moment, Rubio doesn't take a possession off competitively, has improved his 3-point shot whenhe's able to set his feet, a la Jason Kidd, and sees the court like a nun saw a crowded classroom, minus the mistakes.

At the same time, Rubio's flaws scare numerous talent scouts more than just a little bit.

"Ricky has a big upside," a Western Conference coach concedes. "Nevertheless, he's very light, like Steve Nash only without the offense. He has no mid-range game, never gets to the free throw line and is a defensive liability due to his lack of strength and size.

"Ricky makes sense for a team loaded with great outside shooters, because he can make plays," the coach continued. "He would've been a perfect fit for the Suns under Mike D'Antoni, and he could play for him with the Knicks because they don't worry about playing defense.
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