Ann Meyers Drysdale to call Suns games this season

Ann Meyers Drysdale to call Suns games this season

Postby Basketball Fan on Tue Sep 04, 2012 6:08 pm ... /#comments

Ann Meyers Drysdale to broadcast some Suns games

For the first time since 1979, an NBA team is going to have a female broadcaster do some games.

Ann Meyers Drysdale is joining the Suns broadcast team for at least 20 games next season, reports Paul Coro at the Arizona Republic.

“I learned from Don (Drysdale, her late husband and former Dodger broadcaster) about my confidence and capability,” said Meyers Drysdale, the Suns organization’s only Hall of Famer now that Jerry Colangelo’s ties ended two months ago. “There are going to be people out there who won’t like this decision and people who haven’t heard women call men’s games. But I’ve proven myself and I know what I’m talking about.”

The last woman to do it on a local level? Meyers Drysdale herself in 1979 for the Indiana Pacers (she signed with them and when they released her she did color commentary until she went to play in a women’s professional league).

Meyers Drysdale knows her basketball — she worked as a scout for the Suns when Mike D’Antoni was there, she has worked as a D-League coach and in the front office. She’s a Hall of Famer. She is smarter than you and me. She has been with the Suns in recent years as a VP working mostly on the community and public relations side of the operation, but she has continued to do some broadcasting.

This is a nice step, but the bottom line is if a woman is qualified I want her on the broadcast. Doris Burke of ESPN is a color analyst I like better than 80 percent of men out there doing the job, she is smart and even handed. She’s great. Meyers may be able to be that, too.

And I’m happy for her she only has to do 20 games, because looking at the Suns roster I’m not sure anyone should have to sit through all 82. It’s going to be a long winter in the Valley of the Sun.
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Re: Ann Meyers Drysdale to call Suns games this season

Postby therealdeal on Tue Sep 04, 2012 6:41 pm

Let's just make Phoenix our sister city. They can send us their best NBA players ever and we'll send them our aging broadcasters.

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Re: Ann Meyers Drysdale to call Suns games this season

Postby LAKEROC on Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:00 am

^ In prefer our aging broadcasters....well, actually I prefer Stu. I like Billy Mac, a lot. I met him a few times at his song basketball game at Corona Del mar High. He is fantastic. Many people don't know this, but Bill is friends with my parents, who attended the same school. He was very active in the theater department at CDM while there, and was a very nice guy(just as he still is). However, I miss Spero Dedes so badly. Would love to have see John Ireland still do the radio, but maybe move Spero up to do TV with Stu. I always had dreams of Spero and Mycheal Thompson doing both telecasts for the Lakers for years, once Stu retired. I still can't believe we let this guy go. He could have been the "voice of the Lakers" for 50 years!!!

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Re: Ann Meyers Drysdale to call Suns games this season

Postby Doc Brown on Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:13 am

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