Assists please, why nugs will lose more than the cavs, clips

Assists please, why nugs will lose more than the cavs, clips

Postby nosebleedbum on Fri Oct 31, 2003 11:18 am

While most all other teams average 16 or so apg, denver is around 12 after two games. against the rockets they had 10 stinkings assists. I know they won against the spurs but it was more like the spurs beat themselves. The both jacked up close to 100 shots (96 and 97) and made in the mid 20%. That's ugly...that's Nuggets basketball.

Where does the responsibility lie? The coach first then the pg. Andre Miller has de-evolved his game to a shoot first, pass last player. 4 assists in 2 games. Since Denver has nobody else who can handle the ball and is willing to share the ball, they are a collection of ball hogs. Carmello has scorer skills and some say he can handle the ball just as good as lebron, but no passing since he's their designated shooter. Looks like they're going with a run and gun system. Is Westhead still coaching this team? It's a good thing the nuggets coach has them playing scrappy defense...somewhat.

Back to miller. If he had stayed with in LA with Dunleavy coaching, i think he would have gotten back to his pass fisrt skills. With eddie house as their pg (a scorer first and last) they still got 4 asst out of him. They also have a goto guy who actually will pass the ball. Elton brand had 5 asst to go with his strong areas (21 pts and 15 reb) Now he's done for the next 17 games. Granted those are modest numbers for assts, but the direction is there. They may be in trouble for a while but someone will step up to dish the ball. That's a direct reflection of dunleavy.

Now the cavs. They're a team to watch. We know about Lebron. But up and down the lineup, guys are dishing the ball. They're losing now but, once they start playing a little better defense they'll be tough to beat....for those .500 teams anyways. Silas has had his share of winning, he knows where it starts.

My predictions, Cavs make the playoffs (yeah i know, bold call) Clipps 9th spot, nuggets absolute last....will draft the next highschool phenom next year.

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