boston to become irrelevant again?

Re: boston to become irrelivent again?

Postby Texas Lakers Fan on Mon Oct 29, 2012 1:02 pm

The Rock wrote:
Texas Lakers Fan wrote:
The Rock wrote:Im telling you guys 1st round exit awaits (hopefully Amare and Tyson are healthy lol)

I'm telling you that there is no way that is gonna happen. They made the East Finals last season and got even better in the offseason. Much better actually so how the hell are they gonna lose in the first round? Barring an injury to Rondo, Garnett, or Pierce no way that happens.

Umm it took them 7 to beat ATL, 7 to beat Philly. Both teams are gonna be hovering around the .500 mark this year, boy thats some accomplishment to reach the "East Finals"

Philly just got one of the best bigs in the game and the undisputed best center after Howard in the league today in Andrew Bynum. I honestly doubt they'll be hovering around 500. I see them either winning or getting close to winning 50 games assuming Bynum stays relatively healthy. As for Atlanta they traded Joe Johnson who has arguably been their best player for the last five seasons or so obviously they'll be much worse. The Hawks team the Celtics beat in six games is far better than the one that will be taking the court this season. Also let's not forget they pushed the defending champion Miami Heat to seven games and once again they improved their roster significantly. There is no way they lose in the first round barring injury.
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Re: boston to become irrelevant again?

Postby wcsoldier81 on Tue Oct 30, 2012 12:54 am

The Knicks have not won a playoffs series for 12 straight seasons but a 1st round exit awaits for Boston :man10:

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