Can this get any worse for tha sixers?

Can this get any worse for tha sixers?

Postby FabFourLakers on Mon Dec 08, 2003 2:35 pm

I dont know what tha curse is, but it seems that tha sixers have been injured EVERY season after they lost to tha lakers in tha finals in 01!!! I mean they are still #1 in tha atlantic division(which has every other team below .500 right now excluding tha sixers), but i mean look at their injury list right now:

Marc Jackson(potential starter)
Derrick Coleman(starter)
ALLEN IVERSON(franchise player)
Glenn Robinson(2nd scorin option, starter)
Willie Green(surprisingly good bench player)
Todd Macculoch(disease, coulda been a starter)
Monty Williams(coulda helped bench out tremendously)

thats SEVEN players injured right now, and i think 4 or 5 of those players are injured for a long period of time(coleman and iverson are off and on)...despite all this, they're still 11-10....but they cannot go on like this through out tha season!!! Sooner or later, tha rest of tha atlantic will catch up to them...all of those players above INCLUDING ERIC SNOW(has some NBAPA meeting) will miss tha game in detroit tommorow...

You would think this team would be struggling right now...but with all tha injuries they've had, they're playin decent basketball with tha players they have...but they need to get healthy!!! G-Rob has done NOTHING for tha sixers...missing tha first 3 games due to suspension, and has only played 4 games avg jus 15.5 ppg...this aint good...i hope things get better
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