Dirtay (Dahntay) Jones: Reactions around the NBA & Elsewhere

Dirtay (Dahntay) Jones: Reactions around the NBA & Elsewhere

Postby Lakeshow24 on Sat Mar 16, 2013 5:23 pm

Discuss the Dirtayness of Dahntay Jones for his hits on Kobe Bryant and any other players in general. This thread is dedicated to Dirtay Jones...

Daniel Gibson, saying Dahntay Jones is dirty in general and regarding the hit on Kobe. http://dimemag.com/2013/03/clevelands-daniel-gibson-doesnt-hold-back-in-dahntay-jones-criticism/

CBS sports writer Gregg Doyle calling Kobe dirty: [/url=http://www.cbssports.com/nba/story/21884590/kobes-ankle-will-heal-but-damage-to-dahntay-jones-rep-cant-be-undone]Kobe's ankle will heal, but damage to Jones' rep can't be undone[/url]

Of course we know Mark Jackson called it dirty. There have been numerous attacks on Dahntay Jones over the years for being a dirty player. What can you guys dig up?
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Re: Dirtay (Dahntay) Jones: Reactions around the NBA & Elsewhere

Postby therealdeal on Sun Mar 17, 2013 5:01 pm

1. I was shocked at the controversy around this. It was OBVIOUSLY a dirty play. I don't have any problem saying that. In sports it's easy to make the decision to have an action that is likely to hurt someone in the name of winning. Jones committed a dirty play by walking under Bryant.

2. A foul most definitely should have been called (front office agrees), but I don't think he intentionally hurt Kobe. I think in his mind he said "I'm going to get into him, I don't care about the consequences." I don't think he thought "I'm going to get into him and force him to twist an ankle trying to land." The distinction is pretty clear.

3. I'm disgusted with the amount of people trying to shrug off the play like it wasn't a big deal. I heard a radio guy on 710 one morning filling in for Cowherd say "It's not that big of a deal! It's basketball, these things happen. Maybe he twisted his ankle because of his age and the way he was shooting the ball, not because of Jones. In any case, it's a play you see all the time and if it wasn't Kobe then it wouldn't be a big deal." I almost called in to rip this guy's head off. Obviously he's never played basketball. Walking under a jump shooter is not something that happens all of the f***ing time. It's not "part of the game". It's a dirty play that people know not to commit. Anyone who's ever played basketball would know that. As for it being his age and for him shooting that way, I'm sure those were factors but if you walked under LeBron James or Dwayne Wade the same play is likely to happen. The only difference being their recovery time wouldn't be as long because they're younger.
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