interesting article on the Bobcats

interesting article on the Bobcats

Postby JSM on Thu Nov 13, 2003 10:19 pm

Here's an interesting article I found about the Bobcats. And about their coach/GM (Bickerstaff)

Sportsline: As new general manager and coach of the Charlotte Bobcats, the expansion franchise that will begin play in fall 2004, he'll need all of that experience and more to lift this basketball operation off the ground.

"We're looking under every rock, behind every tree, studying players, the history of expansion franchises and how they've done," Bickerstaff said. "I'm looking at international players, NBA players, college players, NBDL, CBA, you name it. We're just getting started, and I'm excited about all of it."

Then there's looking for a top assistant coach, which won't happen overnight but will definitely happen in the near future. It's a little different with an expansion franchise than another team. At the infancy stages of the franchise, he had no intentions of saddling a rookie coach with a brand new team, and that's why he'll be its first head coach.

"It wouldn't be fair," said Bickerstaff, who handled both duties in Denver as well. "You would want somebody who has already been through the league and knows what it's like to coach veterans and kids. The thing is, we don't know what kind of makeup our team will have, which is why it wouldn't be fair to stick a coach without experience in that situation."

"We listen, look and read about everything," Bickerstaff said. "We never know when we might find out about an individual who will help us. We're looking for people that have a high basketball intellect. They know the game and understand what it takes to be successful -- that goes for people on and off the court."

The expansion draft will take place before the June 24 NBA Draft and after the last game of the Finals, which can end no later than June 20. Each existing team can protect a maximum of eight players and can lose only one (if a team has fewer than eight under contract, it will have to expose only one). The Bobcats then will have the fourth pick in the first and second rounds of the NBA Draft.

There will be the free-agent pool to look at as well.

This is just the start, an early one. Then again, Bickerstaff says this is when it's most important to do things the right way. He dodges the question of what kind of assistant coach he would hire -- presumably a young one who would take over the reins two to three years down the road -- but don't be surprised if it is one of the players he coached over the years, like an Avery Johnson.

"The foundation has to be strong for anything to grow, I know that much," Bickerstaff said. "We want to be philosophically on the same page throughout the organization so we can build a core group that can grow together. Right now, we're gathering information, and then we'll sit down and discuss everything we've got. I've always been able to recognize talent, and what to do with it. This is just a different kind of situation."
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