James Harden: $80m Extension With Rockets

Re: ROCKETS to acquire James Harden!

Postby kobe_008 on Sat Oct 27, 2012 11:30 pm

Both teams are winners here

Sam Presti is real good GM maybe next to Mitch
The pick from Toronto is really the deal maker here and martin's expiring is an insurance
Lamb is defenitely going to contribute and maybe become as good as james harden

The only issue they have is the chemistry they have it may take them another year before they get back

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Re: ROCKETS to acquire James Harden!

Postby jimbo327 on Sat Oct 27, 2012 11:46 pm

Let's just say that if Harden wasn't on the OKC, and it was Martin last year in the playoffs...OKC does not beat the Lakers.
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Re: ROCKETS to acquire James Harden!

Postby TIME on Sat Oct 27, 2012 11:50 pm

The right elbow of MWP is disappointed at this news.
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Re: ROCKETS to acquire James Harden!

Postby wcsoldier81 on Sat Oct 27, 2012 11:51 pm

First step of KD sigining with the Lakers in the 2016 summer : COMPLETED

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Re: James Harden Open To Signing With Suns

Postby puffyusaf#2 on Sat Oct 27, 2012 11:52 pm

I wasnt surprised!

puffyusaf#2 wrote:I see him breaking out... Someone is going to overpay him to be a starter plain and simple. OKC can't afford to keep all four of those guys. Harden and Westprick are cocky enough to think they should be focal points for their teams... Yup I can see him leaving OKC.
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Re: ROCKETS to acquire James Harden!

Postby lakersyunowin on Sat Oct 27, 2012 11:54 pm

TIME wrote:The right elbow of MWP is disappointed at this news.

have no fear, afaik the houston jersey doesn't come with a helmet.

wcsoldier81 wrote:First step of KD sigining with the Lakers in the 2016 summer : COMPLETED

:man10: :jam2:
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Re: ROCKETS to acquire James Harden!

Postby ben_ready on Sun Oct 28, 2012 1:11 am

Lamb is a baller the thunder took a low but they will be right back yell™
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Re: ROCKETS to acquire James Harden!

Postby 24K GOLD on Sun Oct 28, 2012 1:16 am

I'm joining the communist now.. I don't like World peace...

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Re: ROCKETS to acquire James Harden!

Postby wcsoldier81 on Sun Oct 28, 2012 1:46 am

By the way , Cuban keeps losing :man10:

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Re: ROCKETS to acquire James Harden!

Postby GT-R on Sun Oct 28, 2012 1:55 am

Win-Win situation for both teams.

The Rockets get a player that they wanted without giving up any of their core players and Harden will get the max extention he wants. Harden will also get a bigger role and a chance to start on the Rockets. This trade sets back the Thunder right now, but helps them in the long run. They got a big expiring contract, draft picks, and young player that can help them off the bench with a cheap contract.

The Thunder decided to trade him now while his value is still high and before his contract situation became a distraction to the team during the season. They did not want to take the risk of Harden getting injured or his value dropping before the deadline.

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Re: ROCKETS to acquire James Harden!

Postby GT-R on Sun Oct 28, 2012 2:07 am

The real sad part about this whole situation is the Thunder got more for Harden before he enters his prime than the Magic got for Howard during his prime. :man10:

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Re: ROCKETS to acquire James Harden!

Postby wcsoldier81 on Sun Oct 28, 2012 2:09 am



For months, Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey called on Oklahoma City's Sam Presti, probing him with a simple question: Want to discuss a deal for James Harden yet? Over and over, the response had been an unwavering no. The Thunder wanted to sign Harden to a contract extension, hold together their young core and try to win championships for years and years.

Finally, there had come a call within the past several days to Morey: Presti wanted to seriously discuss the framework of a trade, because if Harden wouldn't take the Thunder's final offer, this promised to be the next step. From owner Clay Bennett to Presti and assistant GM Troy Weaver, a decision had been made: James Harden had played his final game for the Thunder.

After turning down a $52 million extension several days ago, Harden's agent, Rob Pelinka, flew from Los Angeles to Oklahoma City on Friday for a final sit-down with Presti. He wanted a max contract of four years, $60 million for his client, and had come to Oklahoma City to push management as far as it would go on an offer.

Before sitting down a final time with Pelinka, Presti became more serious in his discussions with Morey. Houston wanted Harden badly, believed he would evolve into a transcendent franchise star for a championship-caliber team and planned to award him a five-year maximum contract worth nearly $80 million. So, Presti laid out what he wanted for Harden and the original price was steep: Kevin Martin, Chandler Parsons, Jeremy Lamb and three first-round picks, including Houston's own in 2013.

Across 72 hours and culminating on Friday night, the deal became this: Martin, Lamb and two first-round picks, including a guaranteed plumb lottery pick via Toronto. Before Presti sat down with Pelinka on Saturday morning to make his final offer of $54 million over four years, the Rockets were made to understand: If Harden turns down, your long-awaited star is on his way to Texas.

In those finals hours on Saturday, the NBA made clear to Oklahoma City and Houston: Under no circumstances could Morey and Pelinka discuss a potential contract extension. Nevertheless, it was understood Morey would never let Wednesday's deadline pass without giving Harden the five-year max extension that wasn't available in Oklahoma City.

All along, Pelinka and Harden understood: From the Rockets, to the Phoenix Suns, to the Dallas Mavericks, there was a maximum contract offer awaiting him in free agency. Harden's market value wouldn't be dictated on the fact the Thunder planned to pay him as the franchise's third-best player. Less money and a sixth-man role – after a summer with Team USA at the Olympics, this was an impossible sell on Harden.

The impact on the Thunder locker room won't have the dark fallout some fear. When word reached Russell Westbrook late on Friday, he was disappointed Harden was gone – loved him as person, a teammate – but he wasn't devastated over the deal. Privately, Westbrook loved how Presti had strengthened the back of the Thunder roster with two rookies, Perry Jones and Houston draft pick Jeremy Lamb. He always admired how Martin had scored on the Thunder.

Center Kendrick Perkins also had privately told people he believed a trade was inevitable, too. To a man, none of the key Thunder players were surprised this happened, and none are conceding championship aspirations. In some ways, they can all breathe out now: This is the team, and now they go forward.

If nothing else, Westbrook and Kevin Durant have long learned to trust the judgment of Presti and Weaver. When the Thunder couldn't get an extension done with Jeff Green, they turned him into a piece the franchise desperately needed: Perkins. Everyone in the organization privately knew this, too: Harden wouldn't have thrived with the uncertainty and questions that would come with him unsigned past Wednesday, with him headed to the Feb. 21 trade deadline and, ultimately, restricted free agency on July 1.

Harden struggled in the NBA Finals, tried too hard and slowly, surely unraveled over the course of the series. When the rest of the Thunder were celebrating a Game 1 victory over Miami in the locker room, Harden could be heard grumbling over too few shots (five), and too few minutes (22).

Veterans Derek Fisher and Perkins laid into Harden, telling him essentially: We just won an NBA Finals game and the last thing in the world that ought to worry you are your individual statistics. Harden apologized, but it was clear his mindset wasn't right. He never found his way back into a proper rhythm in the Finals.

This isn't an indictment of Harden. He cares deeply, but it is hard to be 23 years old and needing to prove yourself worthy of the salary that will come with stardom. There's a popular argument that Harden isn't worth max money, because he played so poorly in the Finals. He was magnificent for the Thunder a year ago, regular season through the Western Conference finals victory over San Antonio. If he ever gets there again, he'll probably play better.

The Rockets don't need Harden to play well in the Finals this year, or next, because they won't be there. They'll now feature an offense around Harden and believe he'll blossom into an annual All-Star, an all-league player.

Oklahoma City's front office was melancholy on Saturday night. They had drafted this core, developed it and hoped they could keep it together for years and years. Ownership might have gone further with its final offer of $54 million, but Presti drew the line on how much he was willing to invest into Harden and ended the talks there. The NBA's new collective bargaining agreement delivers devastating luxury-tax penalties to teams over the cap – $1.50 for every dollar over the tax threshold – and Presti simply couldn't justify the cost. This wouldn't go until Wednesday night's deadline, Presti informed Pelinka. That's the final offer, and his next call would be to Houston to tell Morey: Let's reach out to the league office and get a trade call to make this official.

In the end, Presti would secure a player to score off his bench this year (Martin), a gifted prospect for the future (Lamb) and a lottery pick that could give the Thunder a chance to draft another elite talent. Giving the Thunder another protected first-round pick from Dallas was more than Houston wanted to do, but the Rockets weren't willing to let Presti get on the phone and find a better deal. Morey believes Jeremy Lin and Harden will be stars in the NBA, and he's gambling his own – and his franchise's – future on it.

From Sam Presti to Daryl Morey to James Harden, everyone ran his share of risk in this scenario and it all tumbled into motion in these final, frenzied 48 hours. This is the kind of deal that changes careers, changes franchises, and everyone breathed out on Saturday and understood: No turning back now.

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Re: ROCKETS to acquire James Harden!

Postby SublimeAnarky on Sun Oct 28, 2012 2:41 am

@realdeal: the chemistry bit will need to play itself out.. but i dont think you can compare the drop off we had when we gave up LO to what OKC will have as a result.

We got nothing (in production) in return for the LO deal. that hurt us. OKC actually played this well, they\ve got someone who can put up points AND two young 'uns now at complementary positions (Lamb/PJIII) that can grow their potential while on rookie scale salaries.. this is a smart deal by presti, imo - which covers some part of the loss in production from Harden and an investment in the future.
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Re: ROCKETS to acquire James Harden!

Postby Lakeshow24 on Sun Oct 28, 2012 3:13 am

A good deal for both teams.
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Re: ROCKETS to acquire James Harden!

Postby Congo Cash on Sun Oct 28, 2012 6:06 am

Finally a good move by the Rockets...
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Re: ROCKETS to acquire James Harden!

Postby karacha on Sun Oct 28, 2012 6:23 am

Obviously, the Rockets win right now. They got the best player, who might be even able to carry them... we're never seen Harden in that role, but he might be good enough. OKC will pay for this early in the season because of the chemistry and they became easier for us to beat. Yet, since Kmart is an expiring contract, they might get better once they trade him. If their GM is good -- and we know he is -- they will be very strong again, which means they didn't exactly lose with this trade. Not in the long run. But for now, this trade works in our favor.
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Re: ROCKETS to acquire James Harden!

Postby KareemTheGreat33 on Sun Oct 28, 2012 6:41 am

Well I guess if Brown don't f this up we'll be in the finals. Harden was the one who made OKC tough to beat because he was destroying scrubs and can hang with the opposing team's starting off-guards.
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Re: ROCKETS to acquire James Harden!

Postby JLaker17 on Sun Oct 28, 2012 6:41 am

The Thunder did get worse in this trade, but I don't really consider them as a loser as this may really benefit them in the future. For us though, gearing up for the short term success this is really good news. This move came as a shock, but I really liked it for the fact that the Thunder GM did not play games with Harden and he just shipped him out after the attempts to resign fell through.
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Re: ROCKETS to acquire James Harden!

Postby lakersStan24 on Sun Oct 28, 2012 8:27 am

well done okc you well and truely shot your selfs in the foot with this one I Have said this to My self many times okc dont trade harden and be like Us When we traded Lamar but they fell into the trap of thinkingwe can survive without him which okc can't
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Re: ROCKETS to acquire James Harden!

Postby strikemode14 on Sun Oct 28, 2012 8:27 am

Honestly I like it from the thunder perspective. They get martin who IMHO can give you the majority of harden's production off the bench. He isn't as good harden but for the fact he is far cheaper then harden and can give you some very good production off the bench I really don't see the thunder losing that much especially since harden CHOCKED in the finals.
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Re: ROCKETS to acquire James Harden!

Postby 432J on Sun Oct 28, 2012 9:28 am

dont get how people saying this was a win for both teams

the rockets clearly won by acquiring harden and OKC lost big time, and its gonna have a major effect on their team this year. yes martin is a good player but you have to think of it in terms of chemistry. losing harden is going to be a huge blow to the chemistry they had going with durant, westbrook, and harden as the core. those guys were not only the team but just take into consideration the chemistry they had off the court.

what made the thunder so good is that they had a starter in harden coming off the bench against the second units of NBA teams where he would dominate and play so good that the starters could rest all they needed. they dont have that spark off the bench anymore so it'll be interesting to see how it effects them, and i doubt it'll be positively. lamb is going to be a good player and martin has long established himself as one but they wont be able to replace harden and that's going to be a huge blow
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Re: ROCKETS to acquire James Harden!

Postby Doc Brown on Sun Oct 28, 2012 9:32 am

The Lakers didn't have an answer for Harden and to be honest we wouldn't have this year. Martin can score, but he does NOTHING else like Harden. Martin is just a bench player now that could go off on us for sure, but is way easier to guard and he can't guard Kobe.

Harden is young and athletic and really gives Kobe problems. Martin? Kobe puts up 31/7/6 career on him with 48% shooting.

They have to either put Sefolosha in and get no offense, or put Martin in and get no defense. Harden gave them both on top of playmaking. Martin doesn't scare me because he's an injury prone, scorer off the bench. We can defend that.

Let's no forget that OKC now has Thabeet as their backup C now with no Aldrich. If Perkins gets in foul trouble, which most teams do vs. D12, D12 is going to feast on that.

What's Westbrook going to look like vs. us when he has to play both ends of the floor now? Or Durant with a revamped Ron?

They can't play Lamb and Martin both at SG, so if they move Martin to SF that just benefits us more.
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Re: ROCKETS to acquire James Harden!

Postby Tobias Funke on Sun Oct 28, 2012 10:07 am

Obviously Martin will still contribute, but he wont fill Harden's shoes. For OKC this will all depend on how the youngsters they got develop, which ofcourse will take time.

Even if it turns out that everyone they got in the trade winds up not contributing anything significant, OKC is still a tough team to beat. Houston will have Harden, Lin and whoever Morey gives a big contract to next. Along with the young talent they have, its hard to find a downside to this trade for Houston, even if you dont think Harden is worth the max (unless they're a championship-or-bust organization like LA).

Short term winners: Houston easily, along with the "win now" teams in the West since OKC will be a bit weaker IMO. Long term Houston wins as well, and even though Im not so sure OKC will ever be as good as if they had been able to keep Harden, but if their youngsters develop over time then they can be close enough to not regret this trade.
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Re: ROCKETS to acquire James Harden!

Postby XXIV on Sun Oct 28, 2012 10:09 am

OKC is still a very difficult team to beat, but I don't believe they'll be as good as they were with Harden. Perhaps they can flip Martin's expiring contract at the trade deadline for a better big, but as of now I like our chances against them much more.

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Re: ROCKETS to acquire James Harden!

Postby gill on Sun Oct 28, 2012 10:48 am

Two years in a row the sixth man of the year got dealt. :man10:

Anyway, K-Mart might replace Harden's scoring but I saw Harden as a more gritty / athletic player who does other things (rebound, defense, etc.) that gave the Lakers difficulties especially in the playoffs. I've always viewed Martin as very one dimensional (all scoring, nothing else).

Harden will be a beast in Houston.
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