Jay Williams.....what's the latest?

Jay Williams.....what's the latest?

Postby LakersCourt on Sun Nov 02, 2003 11:06 am

I really liked Jay Williams and thought he was the best of their two point guards they had. I had always thought a lineup of Williams, Chandler and Curry would have been deadly if given time to season, and with the addition of Micheal Piatrus(whom they were going to select before the accident occured, but instead had to take Kirk Heinrich). I really hope we get to see him play again. I do know he is working very intensely in therapy right now. Anyone know any more news. I really liked jay, and wish him well.

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Postby Bulls Fan on Sun Nov 02, 2003 12:35 pm

He is out for the 2003-2004 season. Even if he does come back Paxson isnt sure Williams will even be 100% again. I guess we will see. He made a dumb move and now he is suffering the consequences...and so are the fans. Oh well..another stupid Bulls move.
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Postby BoogieKnight on Sun Nov 02, 2003 1:07 pm

Two words, Bobby Hurley.

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Postby Guest on Sun Nov 02, 2003 1:51 pm

Bobcats are gonna pick him up..


Postby shaqpak34 on Sun Nov 02, 2003 5:50 pm

BoogieKnight wrote:Two words, Bobby Hurley.

what happened to him..i remember i have a rookie card of his but wtf happened to him
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Postby FabFourLakers on Sun Nov 02, 2003 5:57 pm

i woudl HATE to see Jay Will never be 100% again...he seemed to be on tah verge of becoming a balanced point guard..he avg what jus under 10 ppg last year? i really feel bad for tha bulls...they have had nothing but bad luck tha past 5 years...tha dismantling in '98(jordan pippen and jax all gone), trading Elton Brand(well i guess Tyson is good too but imagine Brand, B Miller, Artest, Curry, Mercer and Jay Will?!), trading not one, not two, but THREE STARTERS for an overrated takes-too-many-shots starter(miller, artest and mercer for rose), and NOW the Bulls #1 pick from last years draft(#2 overall, high expectations comin outta duke) goin down in a motorcycle accidnet(when hes not supposed to be riding it)...

If the combination of Curry Chandler and Crawford can get it done for tha bulls, and pippen and rose can provide veteran leadership for this young team, the bulls could make a run for tha #8 spot...but if not u could be lookin at tha next clippers...
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